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FAQ Software

Q: What is a software license?
A: A software license is a program code of the software product by Pilot Group. The software package includes a set of scripts, and may include associated media, printed materials, and online or electronic documentation, such as administration and installation manuals. Please read more in our License Agreement.

Q: Do you offer customization services?
A: Yes, we have a dedicated team called PG Experts that consists of programmers and web designers/web layout designers who can do all sorts of modifications for you. For more info please refer to this page.

Q: How much does it cost to install the Dating Pro script?
A: Installation service is provided for free. Contact us to request installation.

Q: How much does it cost to install a module?
A: Installation of a ready module/add-on is free of charge. If you would like to create a new module, according to the specification you provide, it will cost extra. Please contact to receive a free estimate.

Q: Can I have a discount?
A: Yes, you can. Check this information page or contact for more details.

Q: Can I try the software?
A: Yes, you can. Two options are available.
1. Check an online demo of the PG Dating Pro software. Both user and admin modes are available for testing.
Note! The database of the online demo is re-set several times a day. Your changes will be saved for only a couple of hours or so.
2. You can try the software on your server. Both user and admin modes will be available for testing and review along with the files structure.
Make sure your server supports the product system requirements.

Request your free trial on this page.

Q: I bought the script. Is my site 100% open code?
A: Yes, none of the files are encrypted. You can change whatever you want on your site — be it functionality, applications, design modifications, etc.

Q: What is your upgrade policy?
A: It is a general rule that our customers are entitled to receive free upgrade packages within 12 months after initial purchase.
After the 12 months are over, you will be able to receive updates (new product versions) for half the price — only 50% of the cost of the product that you wish to upgrade to. It will not only give you the newest product version but will prolong your right to receive free updates for one more year.

Q: I bought the script in January 2014, and you released the new version in December 2014. Will I receive the new version for free?
A: Yes, you will because December falls within the 12 months limit.

Q: I bought the script in May 2013. What is the newest version that I can upgrade to?
A: The newest version would be May 2014. No matter when you get back to us, in a month or in 5 years, the 12 months rule still applies.

Q: I bought the script 4 years ago. What discounts can I have if I want to upgrade?
A: Depending upon the time of the new release, you can either have 50% or 70% discount. 70% discount will apply within the 1st month after a new release, so keep an eye on our news. If the new version has been released 2 or 3 or more months ago at the time of contact, you will have 50% discount.

Q: How many site members does Dating Pro support?
A: The number of supported members on your site will depend on your server.
To be more specific, Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.40GHz 2 cores 3GB RAM CentOS release 4.7 will hold up to 90-100 thousand users.
Xeon E3-1240 3.3 GHz (4 cores/8 threads), Intel S1200BTL, 8GB RAM, 2×1000 GB HDD SATA, 2xGigabit LAN should hold up to total of 500 thousand users, among them 100-150 passive users online and 10-20 active users online.
By active users we mean people who perform search simultaneously. Passive users can view profiles, chat, read blogs, and engage into other site activities that are not concurrent.
More powerful servers can hold even more users than that.

It is also possible to optimize the software and server configuration for better results with the help of the PG Experts team (

FAQ Support

Q:Explain the meaning of webmaster services?
A: Webmaster services include:
-Consultations in Skype;
-Applying color schemes;
-Uploading logotype;
-Editing profile fields and other forms with built-in editors;
-Posting pictures, videos, banners, text content to the website;
-Managing integrated solutions by third-parties;
-Solving hosting-related issues;
-Overall site management using the built-in functionality;
-Any other work that does not include creative efforts from designer and/or developer.

Creative work by designer and web-developer, such as creating new banners, implementing unique design templates, changing code and database, is considered customization and is quoted extra. Please contact or create a ticket to receive a free quote.

Q:What does website maintenance entail?
A: Similar to vehicle check-up, some tasks have to be performed regularly on a website to ensure stable and secure operation.

We offer to perform the following tasks on your dating website:
1. Security settings check (making sure the file permissions and ownership are correct)
2. Disk cleanup (removing temporary files, cached templates, and other files that only take up space)
3. Server settings check (PHP, server extensions, database setup — cache, template engine compilation)
4. Unused media content identification and removal (making sure that all photos and video files etc. are in fact used on the site; in case they are not, deleting them to clear up space)
5. Database check (reducing database overhead, testing for extra long queries, clearing unused entries in the database, suggesting guidelines for further improvements)
6. SEO check (checking the titles, keywords and meta tags on the site pages, checking for broken links, suggesting guidelines for further improvements)
7. Vulnerability scan (checking the site code for vulnerabilities to prevent unauthorized access)
8. Cron jobs check (checking if the cron commands are set correctly, testing cron jobs performance)
9. Mail settings (making sure that all email notifications are sent out and received correctly)

Please feel free to ask questions and send your improvement ideas.

Q: Can I modify my site?
A: Of course, you can do it yourself or you can contact the PG Experts team — the experienced in-house team of web designers and developers. This is the list of possible modifications that can help make your website unique and adjust it to your specific needs:
— modification and adjustment of existing functionality for all versions of PG Dating Pro software;
— development of additional functionality;
— design template integration;
— integration of third-party payment gateway;
— integration of various third-party systems and software solutions;
— import of third-party databases into Pilot Group software products;
— transferring customizations from older versions of Pilot Group Software products to newer versions in case they are not automatically upgradeable;
— other specific requests.

Q: What is template/design integration?
A: Design Template Integration service implies integration of third-party design templates into the Dating Pro script so that your dating site gets a completely new look and feel. We recommend having a look at the templates provided by our partner Template Monster, or you may choose to have a template you designed yourself or found anywhere else.