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Interface: Themes

Edit your site’s colours schemes, fonts and logos in the administration control panel under Interface > Themes.

PG Dating Pro: Modify the design of your dating site
Installed themes stand for the themes that you can activate. One of them is already active.

Available themes need to be installed first before they can be activated.

If you would like to create a custom theme though, some programming knowledge will be required and you will need to access site files via FTP or with File Manager.

Creating a new theme

This is how it works. To create a new theme, open your site files and go to /application/views. You will find /flatty and /gentelella directories that contain templates, CSS files and other files that constitute a design theme. ‘gentelella’ stands for the administration panel, and ‘flatty’ stands for the user interface.

Copy a selected directory (with its contents) and give it a new name. Here, I copied a directory for the user interface:

PG Dating Pro: Modify the design of your dating site
Within the new directory, open file theme.php and edit the following lines:

$_theme[“gid”] = “theme_new”; //give your theme a new ID
$_theme[“type”] = “user”;
$_theme[“name”] = “New theme for user mode”; //a new name
$_theme[“description”] = “New theme 2019”; //a new description

The theme will appear under ‘Available themes’ in the administration panel.

Click ‘Install’ to activate this theme and edit it.

After that you are free to edit the theme files:

PG Dating Pro: Modify the design of your dating site
or proceed with editing themes directly from the administration panel.

Editing a theme

Editing a theme – Logotype editor

Go to Interface > Themes > Installed themes > select the theme that you want to edit logotype for > click on Edit logo.

PG Dating Pro: Edit logo of your dating site
You will get to the Logo editor:
PG Dating Pro: Logo editor
Make sure to save the changes.

Note: To edit the logo and the background image on the main page, please view this detailed manual How do I modify the main page of my dating site?

Editing a theme – Colour schemes editor

Go to Interface > Themes > Installed themes > select theme > click Edit colours:

PG Dating Pro: Edit the colours of your dating website
The colour schemes that you see in the list are: Honey, Default (or Pink Pleasure), Arundiana, Luisia, Listera, Dendrobium and Bonatea.

Click ‘Edit colours’ for the selected scheme, and you will be able to edit the colours and fonts:

Check out this short video tutorial for more information:

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