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How do I publish my iOS dating app in the App Store?

1. Developer account

First of all, you will need to create a developer account. This is where you can enroll. The enrollment cost is $99 a year. Read more on the prices and taxes here.

Please make note of the App Store review guidelines.

2. App submission service

We always do the technical stuff like create a Release Build for you when you purchase the apps from us. Where applicable, we also connect your app to Firebase, Google Analytics and Google Maps, Facebook/Google sign-on, and this is what we need your credentials for these services for.

You can choose to add your app files (Release Build) along with the text descriptions and screenshots to the App Store on your own, or we can do it for you.

The Business package of the PG Dating Pro solution includes free submission to the Google Play Store, and the Premium package includes up to three submission attempts to both stores for the iOS and the Android app.

👍 We offer a paid app submission service as well that includes:

1. editing the standard app elements and layout to make the app look different from the demo app;
2. replacing the standard logotype, updating the main screen illustration, launcher icons and launch screen;
3. creating screenshots of the app to use as illustrations;
4. creating a text copy to describe your app in a way that showcases its values and relevance;
5. collecting the info together and submitting it for approval.

In order for us to submit your app, we will need the access details to your developer account.


Please make sure that our access is activated before sending us the details, otherwise, we will not be able to submit the app.

3. Text description 

Then, we will need the following text information:

➢ Application name (no longer than 30 characters and not copying existing apps’ names)
➢ Application description (up to 4,000 characters)
➢ Application keywords
➢ Application category (see Category definitions)
➢ Important URLs: Support URL, Marketing URL, Privacy policy URL
➢ Copyright info
➢ Default language of your app




We will also need your contact information: your first name and last name, your email address, and your phone number.

If you plan on targeting people who speak different languages, please send us respective translations of the text content.

4. Visuals 

Next come the visual assets.

Please note that all icon images must be in PNG format. Icon images may include an alpha channel but should not include any transparent regions.

➢ Icon of your application (57 × 57 size, 512 × 512 size)
➢ Large app icon (1024 × 1024 JPG, TIFF, or PNG) – this image will be displayed in iTunes and on the App Store. It should match the icon in your app
➢ The main picture of your application in 320 × 480 or 320 × 460 size. (you can submit up to 4 more pictures of your application)

Please note:

Some of the latest rejections that we dealt with had to do with paragraph 4.1 Copycats of the Review Guidelines.

It is important that your app looks and feels unique. You may consider going for a design overhaul and for adding new features to the standard set of functionality that we offer with the Dating Pro mobile apps.

Please also make sure that the visual promo materials such as screenshots look attractive and reflect the main idea of your dating service.


Some more useful information:


Size for iPhone 5 and iPod touch (high resolution)

Size for iPhone and iPod touch (high resolution)

Size for iPad and iPad mini (high resolution)

Size for iPad 2 and iPad mini (standard resolution)

App icon (required for all apps)

120 × 120

120 × 120

152 × 152

76 × 76

App icon for the App Store (required for all apps)

1024 × 1024

1024 × 1024

1024 × 1024

1024 × 1024

Launch image (required for all apps)

640 × 1136

640 × 960

1536 × 2048 (portrait)

2048 × 1536 (landscape)

768 × 1024 (portrait)

1024 × 768 (landscape)

Spotlight search results icon (recommended)

80 × 80

80 × 80

80 × 80

40 × 40

Settings icon (recommended)

58 × 58

58 × 58

58 × 58

29 × 29

Toolbar and navigation bar icon (optional)

About 44 × 44

About 44 × 44

About 44 × 44

About 22 × 22

Tab bar icon (optional)

About 50 × 50 (maximum: 96 × 64)

About 50 × 50 (maximum: 96 × 64)

About 50 × 50 (maximum: 96 × 64)

About 25 × 25 (maximum: 48 × 32)

Default Newsstand cover icon for the App Store (required for Newsstand apps)

At least 1024 pixels on the longest edge

At least 1024 pixels on the longest edge

At least 1024 pixels on the longest edge

At least 512 pixels on the longest edge

Web clip icon (recommended for web apps and websites)

120 × 120

120 × 120

152 × 152

76 × 76

Read more on the app icons in this Q&A.

5. Important information about your company’s services

Please be sure to review the legal terms on your website and app that the users will be accepting. The terms (EULA) must make it clear that there is no tolerance for objectionable content or abusive users.

You are also expected to act on objectionable content reports within 24 hours by removing the content and ejecting the user who provided the offending content.

It is possible to request a phone call from App Review if there are any issues with your submission. Please ensure that you have indicated the accurate contact information, including email address and your direct phone number.

6. How it works 

This is how the process goes:

Developer edits the bundle identifier in Xcode, uploads the graphics and connects the app to your website, runs the tests, and creates the build. The build archive is then added to the iTunes account along with the text descriptions and screenshots.

This is what you can expect to happen after the app has been submitted.

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