Online Dating and ICOs: Financing for the 21st Century

published in December 2017, updated in April 2020   In 2019, people have invested more than $4 billion in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), surpassing [...]

Statement of Work or How To Not Fail Your Project

Today, I want to talk about the statement of work (SoW). It’s also known as product requirements document, technical project, technical specification [...]

What is the future of dating? Think virtual reality, big data and science

​Over short 20 or so years, online dating business went from simple 1-page websites to complex matchmaking systems with artificial intelligence, virtual [...]

Discovering Your Target Audience

In this article we will talk about the ways to define your dating site’s target audience. It’s no use offering your services to everyone. [...]

Start Your Mobile Dating Business with Dating Pro

We have gotten used to describing PG Dating Pro as a script that helps you build dating websites. Surely you can also get mobile apps for iOS and Android [...]

How to Start a Dating Website with a Ready-Made Software?

The need for finding the love is equally valuable as the need for survival. More than 35% of singles are regular net surfers. Therefore, it would be a [...]

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