Dating Pro Lottery

Jul 29, 2019

To celebrate our latest changes, we decided to give away a Dating Pro license for free.
The procedure was simple:

Step 1 — People had to reply with “Count me in” to the letter within 48 hours. Alternatively, they could leave their email in the online Typeform form.
Step 2 — We got a number of the winner using the online random number generator Castlots (because it had a nice big result number display in contrast to other popular generators)
Step 3 — Send the letter to the winner with the prize and a separate letter to all participants with a thank-you-for-participating gift

All contestants were stored in a Google Tables and each one got a number assigned to.

The process of the draw was filmed on camera to ensure its authenticity:

Congratulations to the winner, Arda 🎉



That’s all. Look forward to our future contests!


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