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Oct 24, 2010

10.24.2010 – New version of PG Dating Pro software is released this week.

Dating software October 2010 offers a wide variety of modifications requested by our prospects and clients. Moreover, ten (10) modules are now included into main software license. They are: Polls, Msanalysis, Forum, Blogs, clubs, Personal organizer, Newsletter, Events, Classifieds & Affiliate modules. You can switch them on/off from administration mode any time. You can save up to $600 USD – Buy now!

Other options include:

Database import option

Import your database of users into Dating Pro now. If you have a running site and want to change the engine, if you want to start your own site and stop working with white labels and finally own your business, if you have a database with users, you can import it into Dating Pro software populating database easily!

Google analytics and manual trackers

Track your website easily and with lots of data! You can create GA account for your site and apply it from admin mode without editing any code. Then you can see how people found your site, how they explored it, and how you can enhance their visitor experience. With this information, you can improve your website return on investment, increase conversions, and make more money.

Powerful multi-license version with database sharing & special designs for each site!

You can add new domain or server to create a net of sites with one shared database. You can also assign a certain design scheme to a certain domain or server. You can choose if it is be just domain forwarding or separate sites. Everything is setup automatically from administration panel!

Advanced site statistics in control panel of your site!

Manage your site quicker with your new administration dashboard panel! Urgent actions alerts, important management tips, general and payment statistics, manuals links and graphs – everything is in one place for your convenience. New design for better management. Save your time on site management every day!

Profile builder mega update

Not long ago we have release a patch for profile builder with main issues fixed and usability adjustments. This patch brings a more powerful community builder engine to your site.

Tags management for site administrator

Administrator can manage tags users add at a site. He can see the lists & delete tags.

New Niche site design

New adjusted design for “niche” template for Dating Pro is available now.

New styles for all popup windows at a site

More attractive design to please your site users. Pop ups are opened faster and more pleasant to use.

Tags in blogs, bad words check

Now your users can add tags to their blogs and posts in blogs. All tags are gathered in Tag clouds and are checked for bad words before posting to the site.

Pay Gol integration to SMS payments module

Accepting micropayments with PayGol via sms your buyers don’t have to share any personal information and even not creating any account with us. By adding PayGol as a complementary payment option, you reach more people and receive more payments than with any other payment method alone.

See coverage.

Invite friends pop up after registration for all users

Enrich your database, offer your newly registered users invite their friends from popular social networks, email operators or manually by email.

Dates are displayed in user statistics on homepage

Now we show when date and time when someone viewed their profile, sent a kiss or matched them at a site. The dates are displayed in lists of users for statistics section at a homepage.

Possibility to sort friends in Hot list by types and status (online/offline)

If your members have many favorites and friends in their Hot lists, they can now quickly sort them out to see who’s online, only friends, only relatives etc. It’s convenient and fun!

Opportunity to change relationship type for a friend in hot list

Now your members can change friend’s status from hot list. Example: when a person was added to hot list, he was just a friend, but then they dated and he became a boyfriend. So a girl can now change his status directly from hot list to say “boyfriend”.

Gender membership mode is updated

We have fixed some issues and added some usability options for your convenience. We have also adjusted the system for flexible user types that may exist at your site.

Play videos at your site

Ffmpeg ON now is a system requirement for your hosting. We need it to convert video files and play them at your site in video gallery and in profiles! Note: if ffmpeg is off, the site will still work but the videos won’t be played on the same page.

Webmoney payment system is updated

Now you can add several wallets to one web money account section at a site. A system will apply correct currency wallet for site payments depending on main site currency set at your site.

Bugs fixes and code adjustments are made.

New upgrade script – more secure and less risky!

We see that online dating market is changing rapidly. To succeed you need to perform better, start faster and have a strong base for your dating site. Dating Pro offers a reliable and quality dating script which is easy to setup and manage. All’s backed up by professional support.

You own your business and database.

We make sure you develop with the market releasing updates on a regular basis. Start your dating site today!

Try PG Dating Pro and start your dating business.

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