Zoosk review: Easy to sign up, but that’s where its usefulness starts and ends

Sep 15, 2023
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Short summary:

  1. Overview: Dating apps are abundant, with each offering unique features. One such platform, Zoosk, provides a nostalgic Facebook-circa-2010 experience, reminding users of its early days as a Facebook app in 2007.
  2. User Base: Zoosk claims to have a user base of 40 million people from 80 countries, spanning ages from 18 to 98. However, evidence suggests the active users might be closer to 3 million.
  3. Design & Interface: The design feels dated, especially the app, which feels reminiscent of older mobile applications. The website, though better, still requires an update.
  4. Queer-Friendliness: Zoosk falls short in accommodating LGBTQ+ users, offering limited gender and preference options and requiring extra steps for those who don’t fit within these rigid categories.
  5. Bots & Fake Profiles: There’s a significant number of dead or fake profiles. To combat this, Zoosk offers several verification methods, including photo and social media verifications.
  6. Account Creation: Setting up a Zoosk profile is straightforward, requiring basic information and providing username suggestions.
  7. Profile Verification: Photo verification requires users to record a video, turning their heads in different directions, ensuring the person matches their profile picture.
  8. Unique Features:
    • Carousel: Similar to Tinder’s swiping but without the option to view more than one picture.
    • SmartPicks: A daily set of 10 profiles picked based on the user’s behavior and preferences.
  9. Notifications: The platform is notification-heavy, which can be overwhelming for some users.
  10. Pros: Large user base, international reach, various profile verification methods.
  11. Cons: Dated design, not LGBTQ+-friendly, bot issues, cumbersome notification system.

In conclusion, while Zoosk offers a large user base and international dating, its outdated interface and design, coupled with issues like a lack of LGBTQ+ inclusivity and bot problems, might make it less appealing to some compared to other modern dating platforms.

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