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Dating Software
100% ready dating site
Mobile Dating
Ready mobile dating apps with site
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Android demo
with in-app billing

Do you offer discounts and bonuses?

Yes, we do.

🎁 Are you a developer or a web designer?

You can get a 10% discount on your first purchase, and 20% discount on all subsequent purchases.

🎁 Are you a returning customer?

1. You get a 20% discount on every next license order. Give us your order number and get the discount.

2. You can make use of our progressive discount program once you’ve spent a certain amount of money with us.

5% on all orders after you’ve spent $1,500
7% on all orders after you’ve spent $3,000
10% on all orders after you’ve spent $5,000
12% on all orders after you’ve spent $7,000
15% on all orders after you’ve spent $10,000

Contact us in the live chat for more details.

🎁 Update to a newer version

During the first 12 months after the purchase, you’ll receive the update for free. After that, we offer $100 off the price of the license.

🎁 Birthday present

Provide us with a legible copy of your ID (date of birth should be visible) and receive a 10% discount on your birthday month.

🎁 Refer a friend

If you are already a customer of ours and if you have a friend who wants to purchase a software solution, bring him/her to us and we will be happy to return 10% of the friend’s purchase to you as:

PayPal transfer or

any product add-on(s) of your choice

🎁 Moving from another platform?

Get the product with 5% discount.

🎁 Special bonuses 

Bonus from our partner Romance-net.com — $25 on your account instantly! All our clients get Site Monetization Bonus from our partners Romance-net.com. You get a special coupon with your initial order for a Dating ProSocial Networking or a Matchmaking software license. Sell your traffic to Romance-net.com and receive this bonus!


– Discounts are not summed up (unless otherwise is stated in the discount description).

– You can use 1 discount at a time.

– Discounts are not applied to software add-ons, multi-server licenses, yearly updates, hosting or experts services, and products and services of third-party vendors.

– Do you want to get a 20% discount for the Dating Pro software and additional development? Send us your photo which shows how you work on your dating website and a short review of the product.

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