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About Dating Pro Team

We communicate in over 70 languages via chat, email, WhatsApp, and Facebook.
We are open in UTC+1 time zone:

Al. Solidarności 115, lok. 2. 00-140 Warsaw
Armenyakyan street 121/7, 0047 Yerevan
our mission
1. To help people meet and fall in love
our mission
2. To create the best solution for online dating business
🍀 Transparency and unitary standards
Modern digital technologies help us notice when something goes wrong. But what is right and what is not? For this, we have standards - and those aren't some abstruse schemes and formulas, but simple and easy-to-follow rules. We have hundreds of them, literally about everything. That is how we do everything well.

But anyone can write a hundred rules, but this alone does not make it work.
It takes strength to respect the standards. For us, this strength is our transparency. We make everything so clear that it's impossible to deviate from the standards.

But how exactly does it work?

1. Mystery shoppers.
2. Ratings from customers and colleagues.
3. Days with clients - every month our leaders personally work on the front lines to help clients, to better understand customers and to assist their colleagues.

It's the transparency that makes us keep our promises, follow the standards, and work strictly within the law.
But for us, transparency is not just a fad. This is our conviction, philosophy and value that we want to bring to the world.

Our processes:
  • Mission. Love for customers
  • OKR and Performance reviews.
  • Our Vision - what we want our product, strategy, goals, and metrics to be.
  • Traction map with channels, procedure
  • Scrum teams working on releases following Agile principles.
  • User interviews and Jobs-to-be-done frameworks - what the client wants. A/B testing.
  • Product analytics to find new growth points.
  • Job stories, Goals, Tasks.
  • Feedback from customers.

Customer needs come first Mathematics in everything Simplify Subscripiton plan Strive for more Remote work conditions Proactivity The result starts with you Trust and openness Solving problems through communication Integrity Absolute unlock of potential Psychological safety Family traditions Political neutrality Values of the Teal Team and Agile Live long Dream Sport Delicious healthy food Emotions from outdoor activities Love
Our history
2008 - Launched first dating site
2010 - First 'Best Dating Software Finalist' award
2015 - First 'Best Dating Software Provider' award
2017 - First 'Best Product Design' award
2020 - First 'Best New Technology' award
  • Rimma
    MarSU, M.A.

    Starting in 2016 as a tester, advancing to Account Manager in 2020, and becoming a Customer Success Manager in 2024, Rimma aids platform clients in achieving their objectives.

    😊87% NPS rating
  • Andrew

    MarSU, M.A.

    Customer Success Department.

    Since 2022, Andrew started in technical support. By 2023, he became an Account Manager, and from 2024, he has been serving as a Customer Success Manager, assisting platform clients in achieving their goals.

    😊94% NPS rating
  • Alex
    MarSU, B.A.

    Alex started in technical support in 2016, advanced to Customer Success Manager in 2020, and has been a Product Owner since 2022. He assists platform clients in achieving their objectives.

    😊95% NPS rating
  • Nikita
    Lead developer

    VRSU, M.A.

    Nikita leads Dating Pro's engineering team. He's in charge of architecture, quality and the team.
  • Sergey

    VRSU, M.A.

    Sergey runs Dating Pro's engineering infrastructure, and keeps Dating Pro available, secure, and performant.
  • Yanar
    VRSU, M.A.

    Since 2008, Yanar has been leading Dating Pro as its founder and CEO. Before this, in 1998, he co-founded, a company specializing in software development.
  • Alexander
    Lead management expert

    MOSU, M.A.

    Management of performance advertising campaigns and end-to-end analytics for Dating Pro platform clients.
Our statistics
  • Our users are located in 152 countries
  • 82% of requests resolved within 2 hours
  • A Satisfaction rate of 90%
  • Trusted by over 10,000 dating services owners
Contact us to join the partner program to use our expertise in online dating and scale your project. Our program is a great way to get a trusted companion and adviser with 15+ years of experience in online dating. We have a ready-made platform, skills in the dating niche, and the ability to develop products and teams fast and efficiently. We work with SMART goals, Scrum sprints, hypotheses, A/B tests, User Research, and other instruments.

You have experience in launching online projects to the profitability stage or raising seed round, a new niche or service that needs to grow fast to gain the upper hand in the market
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