Buy and sell existing Online Dating businesses

Launch sooner with an existing online dating platform
How to start selling in dating business
Submit the listing
Tell us your name, email and general preferences. It's free.
Verifying to increase response reaction
We verify the domain, license ownership, revenue, traffic, and other necessary data.
Buyers contact you
Listing's displayed on Exchange
Secure transfer
Deal will be made through
Do you charge a fee to the buyer?
Nope! We will not charge any fee for buying a business that is listed on Exchange.
How do I report a seller?
If you notice a listing that looks fraudulent, or if a seller is acting in a deceptive manner, please contact us, send the link to the listing and additional information so we can check.
How do I find a buyer quickly?
You should start by creating a detailed description for your listing with detailed information about your business.
How it works?
1. A person who has turnkey dating site for sale contacts us and provides detailed information about his/her dating business (financials, traffic, expenses lists and marketing strategies).
2. We verify the domain, license ownership and other stuff.
3. After that, we create a promo description of the business with stats, graphs and price.
4. We constantly update list of options and when we find a buyer we find our his needs and offer the most convenient option.
What guarantees for buyers and sellers?
After the buyer and the seller come to an agreement, we sign the escrow contract with both parties and proceed with our intermediary duties. The buyer can be sure that they will receive full access to the business accounts. The seller can be sure that they will receive the money, minus 5-15% commission fee.