x10 plan - 10 times more paying customers

x10 is a bundle of the Dating Pro plan and two dating software packages

The results of using the Dating Pro x10 plan:
  • 1
    x10 engaged customers
    With dating "Dating Chat operators 2211"
  • 2
    x3 sales of paid subscriptions
    With "Tinder like payment services"
  • 3
    -95% of your expenses

    You pay only a portion of the total collection amount when you purchase through crowdfunding along with other participants

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1.First package: Dating Pro — Pro website and mobile apps provide everything you need to create dating site and accept payments in one package
  • Dating Pro plan does not include publishing apps in stores. Get your mobile apps on Google Play and App Store separately.

  • x10 operates in 6 channels: Google Play Store. Apple App Store, Samsung Galaxy Apps, Huawei App Store.
2.Second package: dating Chat Operators ver.2211 — Prevent users from leaving at the start of your dating business.
2.2. How do operators convert free users to paid customers at a tenfold rate? 🔎 Click on each feature to see its image
2.3.How to increase ROI efficiency of operators?
2.4. Why are dating chat operators unlikely to make mistakes with details?
Start matching with Dating Pro x10
3.Third package: How can you significantly boost sales of paid plans?
By using "Tinder-like payment services".
Compared to the paid plans of Dating Pro, "Tinder-like services" provide a wide range of options, including unlimited tariffs, trial periods, discounts, and much more, potentially increasing sales by up to tenfold.
This effectively boosts sales of your paid plans, with options starting from just one plan, either free or paid.
Each plan is fully customizable: you can rearrange components, modify membership content, set parameters, adjust prices and quantities, and offer discounts and special deals. For example, a Gold Membership might include one Superlike per month for all genders, whereas Platinum Membership offers an unlimited number of Superlikes. You can also offer packages with varying quantities of specific services, like 1, 5, or 50 Superlikes at different price points, or even a lifetime plan without time restrictions.
Tailor your advertising campaigns to different countries and genders, setting unique conditions for each. This allows for an unlimited number of memberships, tailored to users from various countries and genders, or vice versa. Additionally, you have the option to set prices in different currencies.
Our platform includes built-in CPA banners that guide users to paid services, enhancing the overall quality of the platform. You can also insert banners for features like 'Boost in Search', which are visible in the mobile app.
What features are included in the constructor of free (and paid) plans for "Tinder-like services"?
Additional features can be added by ordering them separately from us
Why it's worth choosing. Optimize your income with Dating Pro's "Tinder like payment services"
Our subscription models offer a range of options:
  • A mix of complimentary and premium services.
  • Flexible pricing from single items to comprehensive bundles.
  • Attractive promotional deals and markdowns.
  • Subscription periods ranging from a quick minute to perpetual access.
  • Inclusive options tailored for all genders.
  • Strategically placed promotional content and banners, optimized for higher click-through rates.
  • Multi-platform compatibility: from websites to mobile applications and smart devices.
  • Region-specific customizations for global appeal.
Our plans are designed for maximum adaptability:
  • Basic users can browse and express interest with likes, but communication is gated by mutual interest.
  • Subscribers enjoy the privilege of initiating conversations without the need for a mutual match, facilitating more interactions and connections.
Why choose x10

What is the individual cost of each software in the "x10" bundle?

  • Dating Pro from $499
  • Chat Operators 2211 $2900
  • Tinder-like Payment services $2900.

Is installment payment possible?

Yes. Stretch your payment without overpaying.

  • 50% upfront
  • 25% upon receiving the alpha version
  • 25% upon receiving the beta version.
  • 0% upon receiving the releases.
What license will participants receive?

Only participants of this collection will receive the ready products. It won't appear in Dating Pro's annual updates in the Start and Pro tariffs. Join us.

1. We will give you the rights to the software under the Commercial license. For all updates throughout the year.

You receive the open source code of the software product and can use it for personal as well as commercial purposes. You can sell or distribute the source code and the software product under your own brand. We retain the right to sell the product in our marketplace under our brand.

2. 12 months of free monthly updates for Chat Operators 2211 and Tinder-like Payment services.

How many participants are there now?

20 participants. 16 spots left.

Dedicated Account Manager

Enjoy personalized support with a dedicated Account Manager, accessible through various channels like WhatsApp, phone, email, live chat, and Skype. Benefit from unlimited consultations regarding site features and functionalities to maximize your platform's potential.

Cost and what influences it

  • How long did it take for developers to evaluate chat ops 2211? 19 hours.
  • What is the hourly estimate? 309 - 600 hours for the development of Chat Operators. Approximately 4 months from start to release. And the same for Payment services.
  • Can I get my money back if I participated and the product started development? Unfortunately, no, as we have spent your money on development.
  • Will you stop recruiting participants if 20 participants are reached? We will continue collecting participants to raise the amount under the same conditions, as there may be unforeseen expenses.
  1. Start of development of Chat operators 2211.
  2. Show the interactive prototype of Tinder-like payment services as a technical task. It will correspond to the current description.
  3. Release of Chat operators ver. 2211 in 4 months.
  4. Release of Tinder-like payment services either immediately with it or in another 4 months. The sequence and speed of development depend on the collection of the necessary number of participants.
Need more?
  • Hire a Professional. We offer a variety of programs designed to save you time and help ensure your store's success →
  • Advanced plan for $6900 (Dating Pro Plus, Chat Operators 2211, Tinder-like Payment services)
  • Choose your components in Dating Pro Marketplace
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