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  • My dating app project requirements from the start were absolutely crucial in ensuring the success of my business. Max, had been very instrumental from the get go, and suffice to say the ongoing support from Andrew and the rest of the team continues.
    Krallen Kenade
  • I have been working with the company to try and get my business going. They have been very helpful very good communication. And very detailed. I'm happy to continue working with them in the future.
    Neka Stewart
  • After the sudden closure of our previous supplier, datingpro quickly helped us launch a working system within 2.5 months without any downtime. Yes, good development requires money, and we can afford it thanks to the income that the datingpro system brings in. With their support, we have developed an outstanding dating system that is constantly being improved. The datingpro team is responsive and quickly resolves any issues, helping us grow. Their contributions have allowed us to create a system we could only dream of, and we are grateful for their long-term partnership.
    Hendrik Slik
  • Top product, top documentation, top support, top price
    DatingPro stands out with its comprehensive customization options, offering not just content display but a wide array of configurable functions like member moderation, automated notifications, and localization. It covers everything from chat and video chat management to monetization through ad spaces. The platform requires a robust online infrastructure for features like customized landing pages, integration with payment services like PayPal, and connectivity with social networks and mobile apps. Success hinges on DatingPro's extensive documentation, support, and the understanding that quality software comes at a cost. Despite the investment, the value gained from flexible, feature-rich services justifies the price, with prompt and professional support enhancing the experience. This underscores the importance of a realistic approach to software investment and the non-free nature of high-quality services. Highly recommended for its effectiveness and support, urging a practical view on costs and benefits.
    Heinrich Barta
  • I would like to share my experience working with datingpro.Datingpro has been very supportive during the website developments.
    Key point:If you have an ideal of how you would like your website to function datingpro has plenty of additional functions that can be added.

    Customization:You have an ideal datingpro can help.In my case I shared my ideals and datingpro was able to help me through website customization to bring my ideal to life.
    Support:I would like to thank Andrew for helping me with my project and his quick response during the creation of Colombianbella.com
    Rodney Williams
  • I must say that I am very happy to work with the people at Dating Pro, they do the best they can to help me out in any way. The best support I did find in this business.
    Dating Pro works good, it takes a bit of training to know the system inside out as I would expect from a software like this. Dating Pro provide a lot of training and courses a long the way to learn about the system. I am confident I found the right company to work with, very profesjonal. Thank you - Bjorn Hansen DeepAsianLove
    Bjørn Hansen
  • I've used DatingPro for 2 years now, their software is very feature rich and easy to use, and their service is very good, once up and running, etc i really didnt need them until i recently moved to a dedicated server due to growth and they were more than happy to assist in helping with the transition and troubleshooting 2-3 minor issues, etc on my behalf... Overall I feel confident recommending them to others.
    John Ferber
  • Me and my business partner are very satisfied with our decision to partner with PG Dating Pro.

    Andrew, Alex and the entire team are fast to respond and always seek to deliver according to your expectations.

    If you are looking to start your own profitable online dating business I'd definitively recommend working with PG Dating Pro!
    Dan Andersson
  • DatingPro undoubtedly stands out in the online dating landscape, offering an array of features that enhance the dating experience for users. Its user-friendly interface, versatile functionalities, and focus on safety make it a compelling choice for those seeking meaningful connections in the digital world. With some minor refinements and continued commitment to user satisfaction, DatingPro has the potential to become a top-tier online dating platform. If you're looking for a platform that combines modern design, an array of features, and genuine connections, DatingPro is certainly worth exploring.
  • Best trustworthy company as far as im concerned. Sincerely interested in their clients
    Jim Stephen Pinas
  • My experience with PG Dating Pro has been great! Whenever I need help Alex and Andrew are always available to answer my questions and provide support. I am looking forward to continue working with PG Dating Pro.
    Rudy Rudolph
  • Seeking to start a profitable dating site? Look no further- PG Dating Pro
    I am truly pleased with the PG Dating Pro platform and ease of set-up.
    The entire team, Alex, Anna, Andrew and the other team members that work behind the scenes are approachable, responsive -and I must say in a timely manner.
    Overall, they are just wonderful people.
    Setting up the site is very easy. The site can basically run itself.
    I recommend PG Dating Pro without reservation for anyone seeking to start a profitable dating site.
  • DP is a complex system with the most important functionalities, and that's why it has a lot to set up and configure.
    The experts supported and customized my installation, I wouldn't be able to without their support.
    Perfect communication, very good documentation, and very fast. Thank you so much.
    Now my system is stabel and I start my business, also with the marketing experts from DP. I am sure it will be successful.
    Heinrich Barta
  • My experience with the dating Pro is awesome they are reliable and fast and they are also good at what they do I have been using the dating Pro software for quite a while now and to be honest they are the best possible company I could ever ask for they do a custom project for me and to be honest I didn't believe it would be better than what I asked for. I want to say this to the world if you have any custom project to do don't hesitate by giving dating Pro the hands up to do whatever project you are doing. The reason why I give a five-star here is because of all the work that they did for me was awesome and to be honest I will never switch from dating Pro to another company please don't think as if anyone ask me to do this because I am located in Jamaica West Indies and dating Pro is in Poland so I am being honest here.
    Theodore Kenty
  • My experience has been great. They have been wonderful to work with. They took me step by step to get to the features I wanted. I would highly recommend them.
    Steven Lampert
  • Using Dating Pro is very much recommended. They are professional and the site is very good and well prepared with add ons easily attainable.
    Highly recommended
    Aaleeah Knowles
  • I wanted a dating site that stood out. Dating Pro has helped me to achieve my goals. I told them what I wanted and they have listened. Soon I will have everything I need to launch the dating site I've always wanted.
    Tia Ely
  • They are experts in their field, and i feel confident and happy as a client.
    don’t hesitate, contact them and describe your idea!
  • je viens de démarrer un site de rencontre avec dating pro qui s'appelle dialrencontres.com et il sont réactif
    et sont la pour vous aider et de plus vous conseil parfaitement pour vous diriger vers les bonne solution.
    la rapidité de leur action a vous répondre et sans délai
    et j'aime ça que les personne soit réactif.
    si vous désirer créer un site avec eux je vous les conseil.
    merci a toutes l’équipe de dating pro DG pour leur implication.
  • The customer service team has been incredibly helpful in setting up my site and troubleshooting any issues. The software itself is very user-friendly and easy to customise. I'm confident that DatingPro will help me grow my online dating business. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Alex, Andrew and Anna and everyone else that works with them. I've got my dating site all set up and now I'm working on my next project and Alex and Anna have been fantastic at helping me achieve my next project which will start this week. Nothing is too big or too small for DatingPro and you will not be disappointed. I'm not sure why there are any dissatisfied reviews here. I started my dating site in about 2020, and I couldn't be happier. Thank you all so much for all your help. I highly recommend DatingPro.
    Emma Davey
  • The whole staff at dating pro are very easy & very professional to deal with!!! Any time I need assistance they get back to me in a timely fashion & answer all of questions & concerns. Awesome, they are.
    Victor M. Nelson

    ManyVentures LLC
  • Dating Pro has designed my dating site just as I wished it to be. If my wishes are not covered by add-ons, their custom work is perfect.
    The support is fabulous. Fast, kind and very competent. Eager to make sure that we understand each other.
    I highly recommend to use Dating Pro as platform for your dating site.
    Lisbeth Rejsenhus
  • Prompt responses...always helpful..I would def recommend 👌🏿
  • Andrew is fantastic! He really listens and is very fast in completing his work. I love the staff from DatingPro!! Very professional and always answer quickly. They are a great team of people to work with! I am so happy I purchased the customer service support package.
    Emily Avagliano
  • In spite Andrew is an excellent communicator and has helped me through this difficult process
  • In spite of some minor technical/software issues Dating Pro is so far the best dating development company I have worked with. I look forward to finishing the work and have the site/app up and running.
  • My experience with the DatingPro company has been outstanding. DatingPro’s commitment to timelines is impressive and their customer care, in particular from Andrew and Anna, is brilliant. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Andrew and Ana. Their knowledge, professionalism and ‘make anything possible’ attitude has made this project working experience fantastic and one that I have truly enjoyed. I strongly recommend buying a DatingPro website. The work quality is very high and you will be very pleased with DatingPro’s passion and care for their customers.
    Lizzie Lo
  • Let me introduce myself. I’m the owner of five dating websites for adults, who is focused on the use of professional services for my business expansion on the web. I have a few team-mates who help me to run my business from the very beginning of my entrepreneurship career. To tell the truth, it was a long and challenging journey to my triumph in the dating niche. However, the DatingPro company proved its competence and provided me ... read more
    Hendrik Slik
  • Excellent software and tech support with a wide range of useful options. After reviewing various options as a platform for my new business, it was clear that Dating Pro was a better choice. This is an excellent group that wants to please their customers. Customer satisfaction is very important to this group. They offer a top notch dating site and experience for those looking to get into the business. They respond to inquiries in a very timely manner considering they are overseas. Very happy with PG Dating Pro! They work hard to make you happy! In summary, I would recommend Datingpro without hesitation.
  • I'm from Spain. My passion is my culture. I decided to create a special dating site for Latin American people living across the world in places like Spain, Mexico, Grenada, and the Dominican Republic, to name a few. These countries have very much in common: language, traditions, values, and customs. I think it's great to have a chance to meet up with your soul-mate online. Agree? ... read more
    Jimmy Lerma
  • Quick response and nice work. Pays attention to an issue I didnt see myself. Andrey works consistantly until the issue is fixed and works perfectly.
    Lisbeth Rejsenhus
  • I'm Shae Jones from the USA, and I'm doing my dating business online. I'm a retired person who had a great adventure in life, but now I'm focused on having a passive income. The specifics of my marketing approach are that I aim to unite pet lovers. In other words, my dating website is designed for pets and their owners. The idea is ... read more

    Shae Jones

  • I switched to this script and do not regret it , a convenient panel, responsive support
  • I had a great desire to create a site that would help local people meet and communicate online. I was interested in developing an eye-catching interface and simple navigation to make my dating site attractive and comfortable for potential users. When I started my cooperation with Datingpro.com, I found that it was the platform I was searching for. Although my company is rather small, my colleagues are happy to collaborate with Datingpro.com managers to achieve the expected results.
    Of course, we faced a lot of challenges before finding the product offered by this platform... read more
    Djordje Najdanov
  • The team of skilled specialists helped me achieve my business goals without any financial losses or related inconsistencies. What impressed me most when I started our relationship was the focus on customer needs and preferences. I purchased a lot of products from Datingpro.com to increase my site’s uniqueness and improve the user experience. The results of my collaboration with these smart developers are amazing. The dating business I launched recently is flourishing now... read more
    Gary Walker
  • Kenneth Zaccaro is the founder and CEO of the dating community at VacciDating.com. His background is in food and beverage. With Covid causing his company to lay off its employees, he took advantage of CSUC being online. He finally obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Small Business Entrepreneurship. Kenneth came up with the idea of VacciDating in his marketing class. He had to think of a problem affecting people during/after Covid. Kenneth is fueled by bringing people together with the same mindset and caring for themselves and their loved ones ... read more
    Kenneth Zaccaro
  • I can say responsibly that there is no better service than this company. Especially Mr. Roman and his technical team. I am very, very grateful to them. Every time a request is made, it will respond very quickly and be resolved. You might think that datingpro is a bit more expensive than other cheap scripts. Then let me tell you my experience, I also felt very expensive at the beginning. Most other scripts range from $40 to $99. Why is datingpro 499 dollars? So ... read more
    Nianci Shangguan
  • Dating Pro was suggested to me as an expert in building dating websites by google. The initial setup was went smoothly and installation was done in 2 days as promised. I thought I was going to be left alone to build it myself but it wasn't the case. Communication with the team was via e-mail. ... read more
    Ada Enyioma
  • Excellent logiciel et service

    Cela fait maintenant 10 mois que j'ai commencé mon projet avec PG Dating Pro.

    Avant de choisir PG Dating Pro, j'ai eu plusieurs appréhensions :
    1-La barrière de la langue. Etant Français avec un faible niveau d'Anglais, j'avais peur de ne pas pouvoir me faire comprendre correctement sur ce que je voulais et sur ce que je ne voulais pas, et de devoir fournir un effort phénoménal en matière d'écrit puisque communiquer par téléphone ne pouvait pas être possible pour moi... read more
  • Overall: Pre-sale: I started the process with an almost 4-month due diligence process comparing almost all providers in the industry and comparing their offerings from different angles. During the competition review, DatingPro was always amongst the most responsive and prepared. Their responses were quite complete and honest. They didn't push me to buy their most expensive and complete pack but rather tried to understand what I was after. During the pre-sale process, I had more and deeper exchanges with them than with the other providers... read more
    Review from Capterra
  • Dating Pro is the best to do business with!
    Robert Blanchard
  • The Dating Pro team is very professional. Responds quickly. And very hopeful and friendly. The service is great!
    Anngie Willis
  • I want to thank Rina from PG DatingPro for contacting me and listening to what my needs were for my new adult website. I reviewed their site and SkaDate and I liked DatingPro because of the low investment to get started and the ability to add additional features later. I love the contact that Rina has provided to me. There is a 8 hour time difference but Rina is awesome in communicating with me via email. I love the fact that I'm getting a dating site out of a box! This saves time and money and I can get my site up and running quicker ... read more
    Tammy Franklin
  • You get everything you can possibly need. The one great thing I loved about Dating Pro is that you have a website in a box. there are so many options that you get.
    Tammy Franklin
  • Keep up the good work during those difficult time
    Nassim Azouini
  • Many thanks for your prompt n professional actions :-)
    Fred Chan
  • Excellent software and service

    Excellent software with a huge range of useful options available. After looking through various options to use as a platform for my new venture (dogloversdating.co.uk) it was clear that Dating Pro was the superior choice.
    Since ordering, the communication from their team has been fast and helpful. There were a few things I needed to add and change and these have been dealt with efficiently. I am now working with them to develop the apps for Android and iOS before launching the site to the public.
    In summary, I would recommend this company without hesitation.
    Neil Stanton
  • 5* A must"

    Overall: I've been working closely with Dating Pro for around 3 months now with 2 dating websites and it was already AMAZING to begin with. And to be honest it just gets better and BETTER! + The Team are quick at replying during opening hours + Each reply is bespoke and tailored to your needs – [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] and the team really listen! + [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] provides an absolute MASTERCLASS in how to give A-Grade service – each response is measured, polite, happy, professional, personable, and totally tailored to your request. + ... read more
    Jamie S.
    Review from Capterra
  • El mejor servicio

    La verdad la experiencia con ellos ha sido maravillosa, Irene que habla muy bien español (si, habla muy bien español) me ha ayudado a resolver de manera pronta y oportuna, todos los requerimientos que necesito en mi sitio de citas. A pesar de estar a miles de kilómetros, el desarrollo del proyecto ha marchado velozmente. Definitivamente pueden confiar en ellos para desarrollar sus proyectos.
    Néstor Solís
  • Thumbs up for PG Dating Pro

    This is an excellent group, who wishes to please their customers. Customer satisfaction is very important to this group. They provide a world-class dating website and experience for those who want to get into the business. Once again, they really care about training you to use their products. They answer inquiries in a very timely fashion considering they are located abroad. Very pleased with PG Dating Pro! they work hard to make you happy!
    Steve Butler
  • Blown away
    Originally believing that dating site creator's were too expensive for my budget, I had been trying my luck using a non-dating software provider, with no real joy in tailoring it for dating. I searched for a dating creator and this came up first, and WOW! Trying the useful Demos made it clear to me this was the real deal. Looking into it further, the following pros (with no cons so far) became apparent:
    + Works from the 'box' without extra coding
    + Ready to go within 1-2 business days
    + Great value
    + Open coding
    + Top comms by a dedicated team
    + Useful extra modules
    – None as yet
    Highly recommend. :)
    Jamie Alexander Sammes
  • A brilliant dating CMS with a dedicated support team to solve any issues that may arise

    In late July 2019 we bought the Premium / VIP package (today marketed as the "Dating Pro" package). We paid close to 4000 Euros in total.

    Although we have already done a positive pre-evaluation of the software in trial mode (which led us to justify its purchase), after its final installation we reiterated our good opinion about it ... read more
    Bruno Costa
  • The whole company does great work. Glad to be working with you guys! Project team members are amazing! They are very helpful and try to understand how to help you. I hope they will be with your company for a very long time. They are some of the best I have worked with.
    David Morataya
  • Starting my website for the first time
    Starting my website for the first time. I am so thankful for Anna, Christine and Rina. They have all been very helpful. My site looks wonderful, i cant wait to launch it.
    Kimira Jefferson
  • Relief after previous provider
    Great support team, open to help with any queries, being posted about the processes continuously. After switching from Skadate, Dating Pro is a great relief. Database and code is straightforward, easy to learn as well as help center on their website.
    We decided to work with Dating Pro after our let down with Skadate, also, before purchase the support/sales team were over the top helpful (Rina 😉 ), and also after the purchase.
    The site was up and running within a few days.
    Looking forward to a long journey together!
  • Anna and Christine Support are extraordinary!
    The support attendants in Pilot Group are extraordinary! I've been working with Dating Pro for about a year and a half and support never gets me down. Anna and Christine are fantastic, very kind, caring, polite and quick. Thank you very much. Not forgetting Miss Evgeniia who is no longer on the team
    Alex Maximo
  • A1 Professionals.
    I started this project in early July. Within 2 weeks we were up and running. I bothered the support staff all the time and they were cordial, experienced, supportive and willing to help. I like these people they are A1 professionals.
    Louis Reyes
  • Great at explaining next steps, asking the right questions, and assisting after only being briefed by another colleague.
    Zahmir Brooks-Smith
  • Семь лет, совместного Пути. Все превосходно!

    В течение семи лет, занимаюсь развитием трех проектов, созданных на базе продуктов Компании: «Pilot-Group». В течение данного периода, специалистами Компании, было внесено большое количество изменений в исходный код продуктов, согласно необходимой мне, концепции эксклюзивного функционала. Очертания хода моей мысли, воплощенные в текущем функционале моих проектов, есть результат надежности многолетнего сотрудничества с Компанией «Pilot-Group».
    Sergey Pritomskiy
  • I enjoy working with Dating Pro, and I receive a very quick response during 'off hours'. I sense a lot of care and concern.
    It gives me a lot of confidence for future support. You guys deserve the award you received
    Higinio M Rodriguez Dilli
  • Always fast and complete feedback. Thanks :)
    Hugo Fernández
  • Sorry for my bad English, the ladies from Dating Pro were very polite with me and answered the most important questions :)
    Carlos Gonzalez
  • The Dating Pro team is GREAT to work with. They keep me informed with the progress of my website. I am considering continuing the development of my website because of the quick attention they give to my project.
    I cannot believe the ease and professionalism it is to work with your company. The software has NO BUGS, which is very important and all the add-ons I have ordered for the system work fantastic.
    You folks are running a wonderful company. Top notch. First class all the way. Keep up the wonderful work.
    Robert Blanchard
  • Working with Dating Pro team has been one of the best experiences of my career! I study people for a living, and know that I am working with honest, intelligent and creative individuals. This makes all the difference for me.
    Mary Fitzgerald
    Managing Director
PG Dating Pro is a solid choice for your online dating site, thanks to its ease-of-use both on the public and admin end." – Ahmad Permessur, Editor – HotScripts.com
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