My passion is my culture

Feb 1, 2022
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I’m from Spain. My passion is my culture. I decided to create a special dating site for Latin American people living across the world in places like Spain, Mexico, Grenada, and the Dominican Republic, to name a few. These countries have very much in common: language, traditions, values, and customs. I think it’s great to have a chance to meet up with your soul-mate online. Agree?


My Requirements 

My requirement was to have an opportunity to contribute to the process of developing my website. As I prefer to make everything by myself, it was critical for me to take a leadership role in that process. I think this is the right way to run a business if an entrepreneur knows what final goal he or she wishes to achieve. I was looking for professionals who could help me create my dating website from scratch and launch it, including all the required elements. I wanted my website to look user-friendly with a cool design and relevant options for a better user experience.


My Challenge Overview 

It was a real challenge for me to find the proper company specialized in the delivery of website development services. It seemed impossible to find the needed service provider as I faced the problem of information overload regarding coding. I felt like a bear with a sore head. I accessed too many webpages in this niche. After a while, I succeeded. I found and managed to deal with my challenge effectively. The team of smart and caring specialists provided me with valuable advice and assisted with the selection of the necessary products to make my site profitable.


The DatingPro Team’s Effective Solutions 

The DatingPro sales managers were so kind to ensure their professional support when I contacted them by phone. They learned about my needs and preferences to draw relevant conclusions on what type of site should be built. The most effective solution was their individual approach to my concrete situation. Staff members relied on their expertise and professionalism, when they acquainted me with their new products and action plan.


Why did I choose DatingPro? 

I chose DatingPro because I liked the way this company serves customers and provides the expected results. I found that has a good reputation due to the variety of products, perfect customer service, and on-time delivery. Researching the company’s values, I understood this was the right choice. Now, I firmly believe that my collaboration with DatingPro will help my business flourish. Thanks to staff competence, I gained a lot of IT knowledge and improved my developmental skills.


Development Process 

The process of my site’s creation was well-organized. I found that the flexible software products offered by DatingPro guaranteed amazing opportunities. In the early stages, it was enough to include all the basic features from the starter package. I could make customizations and utilize the admin panel for my convenience. I agreed to use the accurate information about my clients’ visitation. Also, I ordered to install the CCBill Pay system to let my clients make quick and easy payments online and on their mobile devices. The development process was based on the marketing strategy I chose for my business.


Feedback from a Satisfied Client

I highly recommend DatingPro to anyone who intends to succeed in developing profitable dating sites. In my situation, many acute problems were decided on their merits. I wished to launch my new website as soon as possible. The DatingPro staff did their best to satisfy my personal needs. The latest version of the software I bought is really great! It is in my interest to add more features to my ambitious project in the future. I plan to buy some more options, such as video chat and a launch app for Android devices. Turn to DatingPro for advice and assistance! You’ll never regret it. Give credit to my experience of collaborating with this company!


Launching was nearly a two-year journey. I searched for and reviewed every dating site software available. It was Dating Pro’s award-winning software and outstanding reviews that led me to buy the Dating Pro software. I recall one specific review that stated…”Just buy the start plan for $490, you won’t regret it.” I don’t regret it at all. As a matter of fact, I look forward to growing and upgrading. I already have plans to add upgrade features, such as video chat and of course, launching the Love Latino app. staff: Anna, Sergey, Maxim, and Andrey are always a pleasure to deal with. If you can think of it, they can bring it to life…And it’s usually better than expected.
Partnered with Dating Pro (Staff!!!) , I have no doubt that will be one of the top five dating sites.
Jimmy Lerma
Love Latino LLC

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