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Nov 11, 2019
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In late July 2019 we bought the Premium / VIP package (today marketed as the “Dating Pro” package). We paid close to 4000 Euros in total.

Although we have already done a positive pre-evaluation of the software in trial mode (which led us to justify its purchase), after its final installation we reiterated our good opinion about it.

Having extensively tested other competitors in the past, notably skadate and advandate), we are led to conclude that Dating Pro (PilotGroup CMS) is definitely the best CMS for creating dating projects, without any doubts. Hands down. Period!

The niche / vertical for which we wanted to buy CMS was not exactly a common niche. It was a niche aligned with the adult segment (liberal encounters) and given the specificity of this niche, unfortunately we encountered some difficulties in its parameterization / configuration.

Multi-gender / multi-sex and other privacy related settings out of the box were some the anomalies we detected.

We also detected some bugs in the core of the CMS, perhaps related to a not so intense debugging process related to their latest version release (the portofolio / gallery profile version).

Regardless of the problems encountered (and there were a few), the truth is that the Pilotgroup team was able to solve all the difficulties encountered.

Today is November 11th (4 months after the start of the project) and I have to inform you that, despite the reasonable need to adapt CMS to our concept and the creation of new custom features, we finally have concluded the project.

Over these 4 months we jumped 3 times from project managers, as well as 2 times between development teams.

Initially we had as interlocutors Rina and Anna, that despite friendly and fast to respond, turned out to be unable to keep up with the intensity of the project (and the urgency of it) and finally settled down with the excellent Christine who proved to be able to handle the project with enviable stamina and dedication.

The friendliness and quick feedback from the project managers has always been admirable. Especially the professionalism demonstrated by Christine, as I have already mentioned.

The language barriers were almost nonexistent, I remember that Pilotgroup and its staff are mostly Russian, as they have very good English. The elaboration of video and picture screenshots also helped to a much faster development of the project.

As negative points I have one only:

– Although the overall team of developers is very good (hence the excellent level of the CMS, out of the box), I have to inform you that there are some programmers out there who are very junior.

At least as regards the debugging process of some bugs that i found and the process of developing some additional features that were developed separately.

Sometimes I had to demand to be assigned a more senior developer, given the slowness and lack of attention to one or another details.

However, as soon as I questioned Christine (or another project manager) about my dissatisfaction with how things were going at the moment, they promptly tried to find a way to solve things internally. And they always solved in a professional and timely manner, no questions asked.

As a final tip to PilotGroup, please pay a little bit more attention to assessing the level of developer experience required for a particular project or custom task. It is that there is a great disparity of talent in your house. Your best senior developers are a few miles away from some of the juniors I was initially assigned.

My last words are to thank all the focus you have put into my project, I will certainly give you more projects in the future. We will certainly work together again.

A special word of thanks to your Top Senior developer from the last 2 months (the last one assigned to me) and a especially “Thank you” to the always friendly and proactive Christine.

I totally recommend PilotGroup CMS. There is no other script with such a wide range of functionality and such good UX/UI out of the box. 5 Stars indeed!

Bruno Costa

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