Dating Pro Digest: Chinese Spent $30bn On Singles’ Day; Tinder’s Swipe Night Behind The Scenes; 70% Paid Search Ads Are On Mobile; Interesting niches — Match Employers And Shift Workers

Nov 12, 2019
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Dating industry news digest for today: Chinese spend a record $30bn on Singles’ Day; Tinder published behind the scenes of its Swipe Night series; Marketers said 70% of paid search ads take place on mobile devices; Interesting niches for online dating — Match employers with shift workers.

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Chinese spend a record $30bn on Singles’ Day

Annual Singles’ Day on Chinese e-commerce platform Alibaba saw a new sales record of 215 billion yuan ($30.7 billion).

Their public holiday takes place on 11th November and gives people the opportunity to celebrate their singledom.

Alibaba joined the celebration 11 years ago with various discounts and special prices on this day.

This year apart from sales promotions, they aired a huge entertainment show on TV to run alongside the shopping, starring Taylor Swift and local singer-songwriter G.E.M.

Alibaba’s CMO Chris Tung said to CNN: “We continue to feel very confident about the growth potential of the economy. We are pushing deeper towards the less developed areas of China, to reach more new online shoppers, so there’s a huge untapped opportunity there.”

See full article here



Tinder published behind the scenes of its Swipe Night series

Tinder team has published a YouTube video about how the Swipe Night series was made with interviews from key employees of the show.

According to Tinder’s statistics, during Swipe Night, the platform saw 26% more matches than any other average Sunday evening. The number of messages also went up 12%.

VP of Special Initiatives Paul Boukadakis finished the video by saying: “This type of technology and the swing that we took on this just validates our dedication to creating interesting opportunities for connection, for all of our members.”

The success of the Swipe Night project in the US has resulted in it getting the green light to be rolled out to international markets in February 2020.



Marketers said 70% of paid search ads take place on mobile devices

Marketing technology firm Kenshoo has published its new survey on marketing trends, as well as search, social, and e-commerce advertising Metrics and insights.

The study has a lot of information, but we are looking at the fact that over 70% of paid search impressions now take place on mobile devices.

Robert Williams at Mobile Marketer advised companies to ensure their online content is optimized for mobile devices in 2020.

The study’s based on data sample of over 500 billion impressions, 13 billion clicks and $5.5 billion ads spending.

See full survey here



Interesting niches for online dating — Match employers with shift workers

  • Qwick app helps match employers with hospitality workers. Users are interviewed then added to the database where they get alerts if shifts they’re eligible for are available.

Interested in adding a similar feature to your dating site? Just hit our Experts up and we’ll discuss the integration.



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