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Our experts can also help you in an important phase of your ecommerce journey - growth. The SEO and Conversion packages will guide you through making high impact changes to bring in more traffic and improve conversion rates.
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Who are the Experts?
Our launch and growth experts have technical and marketing background acquired from the experience working on 30+ projects per year, constantly searching for growth points and running new hypothesis.
Every year we go through dozens of courses, studying for 300 hrs/yr.
Digital Marketing Certified Associate
Mobile Site Speed Certified (Google)
Google Adwords Fundamentals Certified
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Certified
CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Certified
Content Marketing Certified
MarSU, B.A.

Annually helps more than 20 new clients launch their niche dating services annually and has 80 projects supported.

Work quality evaluation by customers
~ 80% 🙂
Customer success manager
MarSU, M.A.

Has 15 new projects launched per year and 60 on support with NPS 75% 🤗

Mentors other customer success managers how to work better with clients.
MarSU, M.A.

Irene leads Dating Pro's customer-facing teams, including account and product. Previously, she worked as Dating'Pro product owner.
Lead management expert

The king of thorough ad campaigns optimization and end-to-end analytics. Easily sees eye to eye with any ad platform support teams.

Localization of advertising companies in different countries according to the specifics of advertising platforms.
Performance expert
MarSU, B.A.

Runs 4 growth hacking projects.

Sets up clients strategic sessions, compiles annual budget.
Questions? We're here to help.
Do you work with the NDAs?
Yes, sure, we can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your intellectual property.
Can I have my local payment system integrated to accept user payments?
Yes, we can integrate third party payment solutions.
Can you also do design?
Yes, we have a team of designers that can integrate a purchased template or custom-made mockups to your website.
What are the time frames for a Dating Pro Advanced delivery?
We estimate the costs and delivery dates for each customer idividually based on the scale of the project.
How does your company handle project development?
Glad you asked! For your convenience, we actually have the full process described here: Project development process. Take a look!

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