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Learn how to profit in the online matchmaking business with the Dating Pro Academy.
✓ Free training from Dating Pro will help you build and grow a profitable business.
✓ Get full technical documentation from developers for developers.
The Dating Pro software is available in 12 languages.
✓ English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, German, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Thai.
Create new revenue streams with the Dating Pro functionality.
✓ You start a professional matchmaking business.
✓ All incomes go to you. We don't take any commission.
✓ You manage everything from design to tariffs and members.
Control your revenue.
✓ Keep track of the transparent metrics of your matchmaking website and how they affect profits: site visits, conversion into registrations, engagement, payments.
✓ See the results of your actions clearly with the help of the analytics system.
Help people around you to get acquainted with each other.
✓ Matchmaking is a more personal and more expensive service than regular dating websites.
✓ There are over 50 Million Single Adults in the US. Everyone tries online dating, but it only works out for about 20%
✓ The market experiences a stable growth and is valued at $4 billion a year.
You pick a package, we do the rest.
✓ Spend 30 minutes a day working on your site thanks to the established business processes.
✓ Dating Pro will save you a ton of time and money because it is a turnkey matchmaking software.
✓ You get 100% open code. Any custom changes are possible. The in-house developers will provide a free quote in 1 business day.
Increase conversion to paid users by over 10% with onboarding tools

"300% improvement to feature adoption" - Yotpo
"10% increase in new user activation" - Canva

A new member will not feel ignored after signing up. Special introduction tours will help them get comfortable. It works on both the website and the mobile apps and helps you increase user engagement and conversion rates.
Up to 6x more new members through Dynamic landing pages

"Same Ad Spend. Up to 6x More
Conversions." - Instapage.

Increase conversion into registrations on your website by automatically showing to visitors from different target segments what they are interested to see.
Increase revenue by over 150% through activation campaigns

"Revenue increase by over 150%, on average" - ActiveCampaign

Activation messages, emails and push notifications are prompting people to return to your dating site or app not to miss a new match, to earn a bonus, to receive a surprise gift, to improve their popularity rank, and so much more.
Find growth points and insights from the results of your work with analytics tools and dashboards

Connected analytics systems help discover the best traffic acquisition channels and the most effective user paths within your site and app. Dashboards will bring different data points together so you can glean insights easily and make better decisions.
Dating Pro Advanced will bring you 3x more revenue than any other matchmaking software
Multiply your money

We follow the trends and leaders in the online dating and matchmaking industry.
We run A/B tests on Dating Pro's real-life websites to find growth points.
Get a free calculation of how your revenue is going to change once you move to Dating Pro
Allow us the guest access to your site analytics system. If you don't have one, we will install it on your website and mobile apps for free. We sign NDA.
We do the measurement and compare the results to Dating Pro's results.
You get both the calculation of how your revenue is going to change after you move to Dating Pro (we take good care of your SEO traffic) and the free setup of your site's analytics.
Want to get a free calculation?

I want to save money and time on starting a matchmaking service.

I am looking for a reputable solution in the industry that offers higher conversion into revenue and is less risky.


I want to win the bid for a project with a lower price. A turnkey matchmaking program will save my time on adjustments for the client's specifications.


Launch in just a few days. You get a ready branded matchmaking website and mobile apps. Start testing your idea immediately by evaluating growth hypotheses.
Boost your sales. Find new growth points. Save money on developing and testing growth hypotheses because we've already done a big part of the job.
Ready matchmaking service for your client in just a few days. Documentation from developers for developers. Free technical support with an average satisfaction rate of 80%. Minimal risk. Special discounts for developers.
1/5 Convert new visitors into registrations


How many visitors become customers
2/5 Increase user engagement with communication tools and triggers
Ways to show value of your matchmaking service. Highly engaged users are generally more profitable
3/5 Convert users into paying customers
On average, only about 15-20% of free users end up upgrading to paid plans,
though best in class can see more than 60%
4/5 Manage everything
Best SaaS instruments to increase the profitability of your dating service.
Pre-launch checklist for mobile dating apps.
Pre-launch checklist to go through before you launch your dating website.


Dating Pro's checklists, templates, collections of tools and video manuals will save you several months of work and make your tasks easier

Video lesson on how to pick the best name for your dating service that will fit the niche and resonate with the target audience.
Template of an employee manual.
Template of an employee non-disclosure agreement.
Financial model template for a dating site.
Template to describe your target audience and create a customer persona.
Templates of Scrum boards for working with your team.
Template of a traction map to find growth ideas and scale your business.
Get a preview of the "Best 35 SaaS instruments to increase the profitability of your dating service" with personal consultation about your project.
5/5 Add-ons and services from the Dating Pro App Store
Start your own matchmaking business
Set up your Dating Pro, pick a plan later
Try any plan free for 14 days
Extra plugins and add-ons for Dating Pro
View Dating Pro App store. Add functionality to your dating business. Check out this catalogue of extra Dating Pro's components and services.

Any custom changes are possible. Get a free quote
100% open code. Dating Pro experts will help you launch your dating business online or improve your existing dating service. Get a free quote for your project within 1 business day.

When will my site be ready?
Installation may take 1-2 days depending on your server setup. We will need server access info and the domain name. Also, it's free!
Is there a setup fee?
There are no setup fees on any of our plans.
Can I cancel my account at any time?
Yes. If you ever decide that Dating Pro isn't the best software for your business, simply cancel your account.
Can I use my own domain name?
Yes. You can purchase a domain name from datingpro.com/domain, or use an existing one that you own.
Do I need a web hosting platform?
Dating Pro gives you secure, unlimited hosting on all plans for free for 1 month. After that, you can prolong the period for a fee or move to your own hosting.
The prices are too high
Contact us in the chat to discuss payments by instalments. Check our special offers as well.
Can I change my plan later on?
Absolutely! You can upgrade your plan at any time.
We're certain that there are no companies with only good reviews. In our opinion, some bad reviews show that you're working with real people who are leaving real reviews. Yes, sometimes we make mistakes through misunderstandings, but we do all our best to improve our customers' experiences. Find more reviews here: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/datingpro.com and https://www.datingpro.com/academy/feedback/ and https://www.capterra.com/p/136230/PG-Dating-Pro/
Does the app sync with my matchmaking website?
Yes, your app will seamlessly sync with your Dating Pro website so all members, access permissions and chats will update in real time.
When will my mobile apps appear in the Google Play Store and App Store?
On average, it takes 5 to 30 days to have your apps approved by the App Store, and up to 10 days by the Google Play Store. Our Support team will always keep you updated on the process.
What payment gateways do my apps support?
Native apps support In-app billing and Stripe. Hybrid apps let members use one of the 12 built-in payment gateways in the web interface.
Will I have my own app on the App Store?
Yes! You will have your own app on the App Store. Dating Pro apps are a white-label solution, so there's no Dating Pro branding in your app or App Store listing.
How will new members find my app?
When customers visit your website on an iPhone or an Android phone, they will see a Smart App Banner that includes a link to download your app.
Have questions? Chat with us.
All of our contact details are here. We'll be glad to help!
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