Pros and Cons of Revshare: Is Revenue Sharing the Right Model for You?

Oct 27, 2023
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Introduction: The Revshare program is a popular strategy within affiliate marketing where affiliates receive a portion of the profits they generate. With potential high earnings, it’s seen as an enticing opportunity for those seeking mutual success.

How It Works:

  • Definition: Revshare allows affiliates to earn a percentage of the profits they help generate for advertisers.
  • Example: Cpamatica offers 30+ Revshare payment models in Dating and Games. Affiliates can earn between 30% to 55% of profits from user payments on products, which often operate on a coin-based monetization system.

Factors to Consider:

  • Commission Percentage: Ensure competitive commission rates, with typical rates between 30% to 50%.
  • Conversion Rate: A high rate indicates the product’s success with its target audience.
  • Earnings Potential: Balance product price, payout rate, and your audience appeal.
  • Payment Track Record: Consistency and reliability are crucial.
  • Analytics: Accurate tracking and analytics are vital for refining your efforts.


  1. Lucrative Earning Potential: Direct correlation between efforts and revenue.
  2. Long-Term Partnerships: Encourages sustainable growth and focus on steady income.
  3. Minimal Financial Risk: Costs are shared, reducing potential losses for newcomers.
  4. Quality Traffic Motivation: Earnings depend on genuine, interested customers, leading to higher conversions.


  1. Uncertain Earnings: Market fluctuations can impact earnings.
  2. Dependence on Advertiser: Affiliates rely on the advertiser’s performance.
  3. Initial Effort vs. Payout: Significant upfront work may be needed before seeing results.
  4. Revenue Attribution Issues: Disputes can arise over sales attribution, though affiliate networks can help mitigate this.

Comparison with Other Models:

  • Revshare vs. CPA: Revshare gives a cut of actual earnings, whereas CPA offers set payouts for specific actions.
  • Revshare vs. CPC: CPC pays for clicks, while Revshare focuses on actual revenue generated.

Decision Time: Choosing Revshare depends on your goals, resources, and risk tolerance. Those seeking high potential earnings, long-term collaborations, and flexibility might find Revshare appealing.

Conclusion: Revshare offers potential high rewards and long-term partnerships in affiliate marketing. However, it’s crucial to weigh its benefits against the inherent challenges and align with personal affiliate goals as the industry evolves.

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