Marriage declines in China as young Chinese choose dating, staying single

Oct 27, 2023
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Short summary:

  • Marriage rates in China are declining, with a noticeable incident occurring during the Qixi Festival (China’s equivalent to Valentine’s Day).
  • A livestream of marriage ceremonies in Mianyang showed few couples registering to wed, sparking discussions about the country’s decreasing marriage trends.
  • Official figures highlight the drop from 13.5 million couples marrying annually in 2013 to about 6.8 million in recent times.
  • Many young Chinese individuals view marriage as more stressful than rewarding, linking it with familial expectations and economic burdens.
  • The Chinese government has promoted various initiatives to boost the marriage rate and consequently the birthrate.
  • Still, many, especially women, are choosing personal freedom and individual economic stability over societal pressures to wed.
  • Today’s dating scene in China is diverse, with more emphasis on individual experiences rather than finding a marriage partner.

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