70 methods to promote your dating app and site N20

Oct 2, 2023
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If your dating site is local, there is no better option than offline advertising. This is a great way to establish your brand and attract new people.


  1. Online Advertising Create a website for your business.
  2. Develop a dedicated mini-website for targeted campaigns.
  3. Craft Text Ads using Google Adwords.
  4. Utilize display advertising, including banner ads and video ads.
  5. Implement programmatic advertising, delivering ads to individuals on their smartphones at precisely the right time and location.
  6. Engage in organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  7. Enhance your presence on Google Maps.
  8. Utilize Email Marketing and E-newsletters.
  9. Avoid SPAM (unsolicited email, illegal in many countries).
  10. List your business in Online Directories like YellowPages and nationwide business directories.
  11. Create white papers and e-books.
  12. Maintain an active blog.
  13. Establish a Facebook Page or Group.
  14. Utilize LinkedIn for professional networking.
  15. Experiment with other Social Networking platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest.
  16. Contribute to specialized interest forums, e.g., Google Groups.
  17. One-On-One Engage in in-person cold calling (unannounced).
  18. Implement telemarketing strategies.
  19. Participate in Networking groups such as the Chamber of Commerce or BNI.
  20. Public Relations Distribute press releases for both print and online publications.
  21. Directly contact journalists and reporters with newsworthy content.
  22. Outdoor Advertising Utilize billboards for outdoor promotion.
  23. Consider digital and video billboards.
  24. Advertise at bus shelters.
  25. Utilize bus backs for ad space.
  26. Explore truck sides for advertising.
  27. Use car signage for brand visibility.
  28. Display outdoor signage on your building.
  29. Employ miniature billboards, such as core-flute signage in grass verges.
  30. Post posters around town.
  31. Set up free-standing displays in shopping malls.
  32. Experiment with hot air balloons or blimps for aerial advertising.
  33. Consider painting your logo on a sports field.
  34. Seek permission from the local council to burn your logo onto the side of a mountain.
  35. SMS Text Messaging Utilize SMS text messaging to reach your clients.
  36. Avoid SMS text messaging to numbers obtained by scraping websites or directories.
  37. Guerrilla Advertising / Alternative Advertising / Stealth Marketing Execute PR stunts for unconventional publicity.
  38. Harness word-of-mouth marketing.
  39. Create viral content through videos, emails, postcards.
  40. Explore legal graffiti as a form of advertising.
  41. Use chalk on the sidewalk to draw attention.
  42. Experiment with logos in the snow or sand.
  43. Distribute flyers under car windscreen wipers.
  44. Project videos onto the side of buildings.
  45. Consider night-time shop window videos or laser light shows.
  46. Explore sponsored humans who promote your brand, whether through tattoos on their foreheads or branded t-shirts.
  47. Sponsorship Sponsor sports teams by featuring your logo on their T-shirts.
  48. Support community events or non-profit organizations through sponsorship.
  49. Branded Objects Create branded merchandise like pens, coffee cups, T-shirts, bags, clocks, and more.
  50. Public Demonstrations Set up promotional displays in shopping malls or supermarkets.
  51. Seminars Host seminars related to your industry or niche.
  52. Trade Shows & Expos Exhibit at trade shows and expos to showcase your products or services.
  53. TV Advertising Use 15/30-second television advertisements to reach a broad audience.
  54. Consider infomercials for in-depth product promotion.
  55. Explore TV program sponsorship opportunities.
  56. Engage in television interviews to discuss your business.
  57. Newspaper Advertising Advertise in regional community newspapers that are freely distributed.
  58. Consider regional daily newspapers for broader coverage.
  59. Explore advertising in national daily newspapers.
  60. Radio Advertising Use 15/30-second radio advertisements to reach a radio-listening audience.
  61. Participate in radio interviews to discuss your business.
  62. Cinema Advertising Advertise before movies with pre-movie advertisements.
  63. Consider in-movie product placements for added exposure.
  64. Mail Implement direct mail or addressed mail campaigns.
  65. Distribute un-addressed PO Box Mail Drop items, such as flyers or postcards.
  66. Utilize un-addressed residential mail drops for promotional materials.
  67. Magazine Advertising Advertise in gossip-style magazines like Woman’s Day.
  68. Consider industry-specific magazines, catering to your target audience.
  69. Printed Directories List your business in directories like YellowPages.
  70. Explore local directories for additional visibility.


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