Dating website for pets and their owners

Jan 14, 2022

Shae Jones from the USA is doing his dating business online. He is a retired person. He had a great adventure in his life, but now he is focused on having a passive income. The specifics of his marketing approach are that he aims to unite pet lovers. In other words, his dating website is designed for pets and their owners. The idea is to organize social networking in such a way that paw dad meets paw mom, and they fall in love with each other.


Shae Jones’s Requirements:

The key requirement of this client is to get moderate prices for quality software products and reliable customer support. He wanted the DatingPro experts to make his website one of the brightest in the pet owner meeting niche.


The Challenge Overview:

Shae Jones faced a challenge when he decided to launch his own website. He was working alone and had no financial support from investors or any people who just wanted to support his idea. He did not have enough money to start his online business. Jones realized that the lack of a sufficient budget could have prevented him from fulfilling his dream.


Our Effective Solutions:

DatingPro managers helped Jones resolve his financial problems while developing his project. They recommended him to choose the most affordable option for his site development project. The package he chose was not so expensive. He agreed to buy a business package for a reasonable price because the product we offered was consistent with his business goals.


Why did he choose us?

Shae Jones chose DatingPro services because he found that particular our company could address the needs of the most demanding clients to the full extent. He saw other software products offered on the market today, but they failed to impress him. Some of them were unclear and difficult to use, while others were too expensive for him. He expected successful and quick results and was right about his choice. He saw the true value of the features presented by, like payments systems, customisations, designs, and others. Also, the client needed highly competent customer support services, which were provided to him by our experienced team.


Development Process:

The DatingPro team discussed all the details of Jones’s project, gave some useful recommendations to the client, and offered him several free demo versions to facilitate the complex process of software selection. Our sales managers shared useful information about several recently launched pet sites. The client appreciated the efforts made by the DatingPro managers and made several purchases for his project. He got language packages (English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, and Italian), mobile applications, and even marketing promotion services. Our team developed powerful promotional tools for effective representation of our client’s site on the web.


A Satisfied Client: 

The client was happy when he got the site of his dream. His individual project was executed on the basis of Nymph Business. He received Uber Integration to make the user experience more productive. Due to the integration of the Uber API into his dating app, Jones can collaborate with taxi services as an Uber partnership for Android and iOS. Jones achieved his ambition when he saw the unique design of his site’s interface, and other functional features. Now, he knows more about the IT sphere and the dating niche. He has huge motivation to boost his business growth and deal with competition in the market. Thanks to the well-elaborated promotional campaign initiated by our team, the number of his site’s users has increased significantly.





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