5 insights for dating entrepreneurs about personal potential from a Vipassana retreat with 42 entrepreneurs from around the world

Jan 24, 2024
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1. The two critical factors for achieving any life goal are attention and energy. Where you invest your daily attention determines the quality of your actions towards your goals. The amount of energy you have influences both the quantity and quality of those actions. Your attention is a precious resource, and it’s in high demand from numerous big corporations. Most of them want your attention to sell to advertisers and create loops of cheap dopamine. They turn people into batteries, just like in “The Matrix.” My task: constantly learn to manage my attention and direct it towards things that lead me to my goals, without getting distracted by other nonsense.

2. Some things drain your energy, including interactions with certain people, sometimes even entire businesses, and family relationships. Some things replenish your energy. For me, it’s spending time in conversations with my family, watching the sunset, riding a motorcycle, swimming in the ocean, coming up with new big ideas, and sharing knowledge with people. My full responsibility: manage my energy by reducing energy-draining activities and making energy-boosting activities a habit.

3. When you give, it comes back tenfold. Even the tiniest acts of helping others create good karma. So, everything we’ve achieved was because we loved sharing knowledge with people. As soon as I stopped doing that, I received a swift kick in the rear.

4. The mind has many defense mechanisms that kick in long before you reach your limit. In business, this manifests when people achieve initial success and then relax, even when they are close to leveling up 1-2 more times. Often, challenges push us back just when we are a few steps away from success. Overcoming these mental and physical barriers trains character and shows that your true potential lies far beyond the barriers your mind sets.

5. We often focus on our small, wounded selves. We dwell on childhood, blame our parents for the beliefs that affect our actions today, and concentrate on our small and wounded mental and emotional selves. However, we are much more than that tiny self. Our consciousness encompasses the entire universe because it includes it. When you realize your true scale, you’ll discover an infinite number of blue oceans within your personality, and you can choose every day: act based on the programming of your small, wounded self, or act based on your true, gigantic self and your possibilities. To achieve this, make life plans under the guidance of those who have practiced it for years. When you feel how vast you are and learn to act from that scale, you won’t need anything from the external environment to support you. All the strength you need and more is within you.

6. Vipassana is like brain surgery without anesthesia. It’s the most powerful tool for restoring happiness and energy levels.

Author @KumiKingKong

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