A hybrid of dating and rental property: Intergenerational friends in need

Aug 16, 2023
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Short summary:

Services like Homeshare UK and Two Generations are emerging to facilitate connections between older and younger individuals for friendship and shared accommodation. This model of home-sharing tackles both social problems faced by the elderly and housing issues experienced by young people. Through the use of apps that match individuals at different stages of life, older and younger people have the opportunity to connect with one another. Building strong intergenerational connections can prove beneficial, serving as a reference point and instilling a sense of purpose for both young and old individuals. For young people seeking accommodation, home-sharing offers reduced prices and support in setting up their new homes. On the other hand, older individuals who offer their rooms gain not only additional income but also companionship and assistance with household tasks. This trend towards longer lifespans and intergenerational connections has the potential to foster social discovery and contribute to the improvement of communities.

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