Artificial Intelligence Transforms Online Dating: The Innovative Approach of Iris Dating

Jan 10, 2024
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While spending time with friends, one sought my advice on his dating app profile. Reviewing his profile, I noticed it didn’t fully reflect his vibrant personality. He felt his true character, especially his charisma, was getting lost in the basic nature of online profiles.

He expressed frustration with the matches he received, feeling that despite the possibilities, he wasn’t connecting with the right people.

Online dating offers a convenient way to meet others, yet often lacks precision in matchmaking.

Enter Iris Dating, a groundbreaking platform employing artificial intelligence to revolutionize the dating experience. By analyzing user preferences, Iris crafts highly compatible matches, moving beyond the superficial elements of traditional dating apps.

Igor Khalatian, the visionary behind Iris Dating, shared insights into how AI reshapes the landscape of romantic connections, dispelling myths about AI in the dating world and emphasizing Iris’s unique approach.


Online Dating, Made Smarter

Igor’s expertise lies in the field of computer science, with years of professional experience dedicated to the exploration of artificial intelligence. He proudly holds a Ph.D. in computer science, with AI serving as the central focus of his research for the past decade. In Igor’s own words, “AI is currently at the pinnacle of its popularity, attracting the attention of virtually everyone.”

Artificial intelligence, often abbreviated as AI, is a broad and encompassing term. Igor emphasizes that AI plays a pivotal role in powering a diverse array of devices and services. Drawing an analogy, he likens AI to electricity, capable of energizing a wide spectrum of technologies, be it a vehicle or a household vacuum cleaner. When discussing AI, delving deeper into its true essence becomes imperative to comprehend its multifaceted contributions.

During the developmental journey of Iris, Igor and his team were faced with the formidable challenge of dissecting various facets of human attraction to instruct the AI in the art of matchmaking. This endeavor was far from straightforward. Igor breaks down attraction into three distinct categories, each with its unique characteristics.

First and foremost, there is “lust,” a primal form of attraction primarily associated with sexual allure and the release of hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. Second, there is “attachment,” a form of attraction linked to the release of oxytocin and vasopressin, often referred to as the “cuddle hormones.” This type of attraction is commonly found in platonic relationships and friendships.

Lastly, there is what Igor terms “true attraction,” an all-encompassing feeling that sends one’s heart racing, flooding the body with a cocktail of neurotransmitters including dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. It’s that indescribable sensation of being smitten at first sight. The challenge that lay ahead was distinguishing one type of attraction from another in a scientifically rigorous manner, and subsequently, applying this newfound knowledge within the realm of dating apps. Such an undertaking was groundbreaking in its scope.

Igor passionately asserts, “For the very first time in history, artificial intelligence has unraveled the enigma of true attraction.” This achievement, according to Igor, represents a significant milestone. It offers an unprecedented understanding of why our eyes instinctively gravitate towards one special face amidst a sea of countless others.


AI Uncovers The Mystery of Human Attraction

Iris extends a warm welcome to individuals from diverse backgrounds, various identities, and a wide spectrum of sexual orientations. This platform, empowered by cutting-edge AI technology, is purposefully crafted to foster a secure, inclusive, and welcoming environment for daters of all kinds. Whether you’re seeking companionship or romance, Iris is here to cater to your needs. You can conveniently access Iris through both Google Play and the App Store, making it readily available to users across different mobile devices.

In the realm of in-person dating, the experience often hinges on subtle – or at times, not-so-subtle – cues that signify that elusive and enchanting phenomenon Igor alludes to as “true attraction.” Regrettably, many online dating platforms tend to overlook this critical aspect, failing to establish not only initial chemistry but also the potential for enduring compatibility. Iris, however, is at the forefront of a revolutionary transformation, integrating the fundamental principles of human attraction into the fabric of online dating.

Igor elaborates on the innovative approach taken by Iris, stating, “When you embark on your journey with Iris, we invite you to partake in what we refer to as ‘Iris training,’ a unique AI-driven process.” During this training, you’ll be presented with a series of images, predominantly featuring people’s faces. Your task is simple: express your liking or disliking for each image. This process typically spans a duration of five to fifteen minutes. Astonishingly, Igor reveals that a staggering 94% of users not only complete this training but also find it enjoyable, marking a testament to its effectiveness.

This training serves as the cornerstone upon which Iris’ AI builds its understanding of each user’s preferences. With each progressive phase of the training, the AI becomes increasingly adept at presenting images that align closely with your unique tastes. Igor elucidates this process further, saying, “As you advance through the training, the AI evolves in tandem. In the initial phase, for instance, if women find a mere 3% of the presented faces attractive, by the third phase, that number escalates to a remarkable 55%.”

Iris is not merely a static platform; it is a dynamic learning entity, and its users are the ultimate beneficiaries of its acquired knowledge. The initial training serves as the foundation upon which Iris begins making its initial matches. However, the journey doesn’t end there. With each interaction and feedback provided by users, Iris fine-tunes its understanding, continually improving its ability to discern and deliver on your standards for “true attraction.” In stark contrast to platforms that prioritize quantity over quality, Iris perpetually expands its knowledge base, setting it apart as a beacon of excellence in the world of online dating.


Iris Makes Better Matches

Iris harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to recreate the genuine dating experience that typically unfolds in face-to-face encounters. The landscape of dating has undergone a profound transformation due to the advent of online platforms. While various methods for dating, both online and offline, have proven effective, Iris remains steadfast in its commitment to the enduring importance of chemistry and true attraction in the dating journey.

Igor, the visionary behind Iris, prompts us to reflect on real-life scenarios, saying, “Consider what transpires in the physical world. Imagine sitting in a waiting room, where ten individuals enter simultaneously. If you claim to have evenly distributed your attention among all ten, I’d venture to say you’re not being entirely truthful. When one person captivates your gaze, your focus and curiosity naturally gravitate towards that individual, eclipsing the others.”

Iris leverages AI to infuse a human touch into the realm of online dating. The app rekindles the essence of true attraction, a force that is most intensely sought after when people meet in person. As Igor passionately states, “I adhere to the laws of nature. True attraction is an inherent facet of human nature, and nature’s wisdom prevails. Iris aligns itself with this inherent truth.”

Online dating can often lead to feelings of fatigue, particularly when users encounter a string of disappointing experiences. Some individuals find dating apps impersonal and struggle to forge meaningful connections. Within this digital dating landscape, Iris stands out by employing AI in innovative and highly targeted ways.

Iris has already amassed a dedicated following, boasting thousands of glowing reviews. Beyond offering a sophisticated approach to online dating, Igor emphasizes that Iris is fundamentally altering our understanding of what draws us towards specific individuals and the reasons behind it.

“We conceived Iris for those in search of that elusive chemistry, a spark that can sometimes elude us in the world of online dating,” Igor declares. “Join us today and embark on a journey to discover the enchantment of true attraction.”

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