Dating Pro Digest: Tinder’s 2019 Swipe Study; App Feverr Wins In European Space Week; DNA dating startup Pheramor Shuts Down

Dec 10, 2019
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Dating industry news digest for today: Tinder’s 2019 Year in Swipe study; Dating app Feverr wins ‘Space Oscar’ in European Space Week; DNA dating startup Pheramor shuts down – founder shares story.


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Tinder’s 2019 Year in Swipe study

Tinder released its annual ‘Year In Swipe’ for 2019.

The study contains details on the biggest dating trends fo the current year based on the answers from the users themselves and on what they put in their profile bios.

  • 2019 was a Facepalm of a year. Over 300 million emojis were used in Tinder, and the Facepalm emoji ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️ saw a 41% increase in usage in Tinder this year.
  • Lizzo and the JoBros. Daters were looking to connect over everything from female superheroes, mother nature to the Jo Bros, and they want potential matches to know about it.
  • 30% more people used Tinder’s More Genders feature this year compared to last, as a way to best reflect their authentic selves.

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Dating app Feverr wins ‘Space Oscar’ in European Space Week

A dating startup Feverr won Dutch competition for the most creative and new way of using satellite navigation technology.

The innovation of this app is that it automatically matches people that are close to each other and navigates them to a nearby meeting location.

The app doesn’t have a chat function and aims to make people meet offline in real life more often.

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DNA dating startup Pheramor shuts down – founder shares story

Dating app Pheramor, that uses DNA matching as its main forte, now shuts down.

The reason is that Apple unpublished the app from the App Store as the new rules forbid dating apps from procuring DNA samples from users.

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