Dating Pro Digest: OKCupid’s International Expansion; Dating App Uses IQ Test To Filter Users; Fake Amazon Dating App ‘Sells’ People

Feb 6, 2020


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Dating industry news digest for today:

  • OKCupid amid international expansion
  • Dating app uses IQ test to exclude ‘unintelligent’ daters
  • A fake Amazon dating app that ‘sells’ people at various price points is going viral


“Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get.” ―W. P. Kinsella


OKCupid amid international expansion

OkCupid plans to expand its reach towards the Middle East and Asia. First towards Israel and Turkey, then Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, and the UK.

Their main offer is tailored dating experience based on the country’s moral, ethical, political and social traditions, norms and preferences.

This is what they did in India, after they updated their user flow to what Indian users are accustomed to, their downloads increased by 1.4 million outpacing other local competitors.

They included typical to India questions like – whether women should work after marriage, how they felt about paneer on pizza, and how many days a wedding should span.

CEO Ariel Charytan told Yahoo Finance: “What was so interesting to us in an Israel or a Turkey or other parts of Asia is that people were looking to use OkCupid in spite of the fact that it was fundamentally at that time architected for an American audience.”

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Dating app uses IQ test to exclude ‘unintelligent’ daters

The dating app Love Smart filters incoming registration applicants through an intelligence test.

To get in, people need to get at least 50% of the questions right. This test combines traditional IQ questions, as well as modern pop culture and general knowledge to create a more cohesive test of intelligence.

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A fake Amazon dating app that ‘sells’ people at various price points is going viral

An animation company Thinko and a group of content creators created AmazonDating, a satirical site where people can purchase other people.

Every person on Amazon Dating comes with a price, reviews, hobbies description, and a height choice.

Although Amazon Dating was created as a joke, some people were ticked off by the idea of monetizing people at different prices.

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