Dating Pro: Experiences in Crowdfunding

Aug 19, 2014
2 minutes to read

This is a story shared with us by Marina, one of the project managers in Pilot Group’s custom team.

“I want to share our experience of the first crowdfunding project that we organized in April and brought to life in May.

The idea of Instant messenger development for the mobile version of Dating Pro script was not spontaneous as we had a lot of similar requests for customization by that time. We understood that communication is the most important part of the dating site especially for the mobile version as we live in the world where smartphones and tablets become an integral part of everyday life.

So we decided to develop a tool for it. The reason why we organized the project where customers all over the world invest funds and get the requested functionality for a  lower price is that the quote for such a tool developed for one customer is pretty high. However, when divided between several people, it becomes much more affordable.

We launched a newsletter campaign and reached out to our existing as well as prospective customers. And it worked!

We were really excited when I started receiving replies in an hour after our newsletter had been sent. Some of the replies contained clarifying questions, but the most surprising and unexpected replies were: ‘How much can I fund?’ or ‘Send me the payment link.’

It was unbelievable. The best push to go and start coding, really. Through all the discussions and arguments about the features of the final version we came to a conclusion that it should be easy and not overfilled with unnecessary options.

It took us about 3 weeks to collect enough funds and we want to thank everybody who took part in it.

Since June the Instant messenger add-on is available for everybody at a price of 120 USD – that includes installation and adjusting colours to match the colours of your dating site’s mobile version”.

New projects are underway right now, feel free to join.

We will be glad to hear your comments and ideas about new crowdfunding projects.

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