UX Innovations in IT and Entertainment Dating Products

Jan 10, 2024
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UX innovations in IT and entertainment products for dating

1. Notable innovations from Fast Company:  Fast Company organized the Innovation by Design Awards event. The event recognizes projects developed by teams to solve challenging problems, emphasizing the importance of people’s contributions to innovation and design. You can read the full article by following this link .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


2. Time: Time has published a list of 200 outstanding inventions of 2023 that will change our daily lives in the future. Check out the selection on this site.

Photograph by Elizabeth Renstrom for TIME


3. Popular Science: Popular Science held its 36th annual Best of New Awards ceremony, highlighting the 50 greatest innovations of 2023 that address issues ranging from hot-button to global issues, from new medical therapies to infrastructure projects. The company has nominated laureates whose ideas and products are aimed at improving the lives of people around the world, continuing a tradition begun in 1988. Read the full article here .

Лучшее из новинок 2023 года


4. Core77 Design Awards 2023: The Core77 Design Awards annually recognize and celebrate the depth and excellence of design, as well as the intelligence and tenacity of its performers. In its eleventh year, this program has remained committed to the highest standards and accessibility, giving both students and professionals the chance to showcase their leading work on the international stage across 23 design categories. Read the full article here .

Core77 Design Awards 2013: Watch the Speculative Jury ...


5. Apple unveils App Store Award winners, the best apps and games of 2023: Apple recently announced the 2023 App Store Awards honorees, highlighting 14 apps and games that empowered users to express themselves creatively, immerse themselves in exciting adventures, and provide opportunities for fun with friends and family. This year’s winners will showcase the creativity, technical innovation and design possible in the App Store and Apple ecosystem. Read the full article here .

Премия App Store 2023 года.


6. The best apps of 2023 for Android: Google recently announced the winners of its annual Google Play Best of 2023 awards, highlighting and honoring the most impressive and innovative apps, games, and books of the year. These awards span a variety of categories, showcasing the diversity and quality of content available on Google Play and recognizing developers and creators for their creative and technical achievements. Read the full article here .

Золотой трофей с тиснением логотипа Google Play находится в центре фиолетовой фигуры, плавающей на темно-фиолетовом фоне. Вверху надпись «Лучшее за 2023 год».

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