flutrr Among October’s Top Angel Invested Startups

Dec 6, 2023
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  1. Flutrr’s Achievements: Flutrr is among the top 10 angel-invested startups, with a valuation taken from October 2023. It raised $480,308 as reported by Eqvista, a financial platform. Additionally, Flutrr is ranked 8th on the list of highest angel-investment raising startups for the month​​.
  2. Recognition and Investors: The platform was featured in Forbes India as one of its top 100 startups. Its investors include The Times of India Group, a prominent media company in India​​.
  3. Unique Market Position: Flutrr offers significant value to singles outside India’s major cities and metropolitan areas, focusing on diverse language options, affordable pricing, and women-first safety tools. These features make it especially suitable for rural singles in India​​.

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Flutrr: A Trailblazing Force in India’s Online Dating Scene

Flutrr, an innovative Indian dating app, has made remarkable strides in the competitive world of online dating. Recently recognized among October 2023’s top 10 angel-invested startups, Flutrr raised a significant $480,308, showcasing its potential in the market. This achievement, highlighted by Eqvista and Forbes India, underscores Flutrr’s burgeoning impact.

Uniquely positioned to cater to India’s rural population, Flutrr’s multilingual interface, affordable pricing, and a strong focus on women’s safety set it apart. With support from renowned investors like The Times of India Group, Flutrr is redefining the dating experience for India’s diverse population.

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