How Do I Make My Dating Site More Recognizable

Jan 21, 2013
5 minutes to read

You would expect that tips on how to build a distinguished dating site would be somewhat different from tips on how to bring people to your site where you sell rolled steel.

Of course there are general commonsensical rules of thumb such as:
-finding a domain name that would not only identify with your brand but be easy to spell and less likely to be confused for something else;
-designing and branding your site and promoting your brand;
-doing search engine optimization;
-adding appealing content, both visual and textual;
-running usability checks now and then to make sure your site visitors feel comfortable.

And yet we need to keep in mind that a dating site is essentially a community, real people who come to your website and who you want to stay and come back.

Below you will find some considerations on how to do that. They will not require any financial investments from you as long as you are willing to invest your time and creative efforts. So, let us begin.


Before you could say “I think I should get myself a dating website” – surely the idea was brought along by some incentive, like the desire to help like-minded people meet (as in dog lovers, MMORPG followers etc.), or need for a place where singles from your neighbourhood could communicate (like ‘Singles from Kalamazoo, Michigan’), or a place where divorced photographers could meet other photographers and share their works in a photo gallery…
Whatever idea helped you make up your mind about a dating site, make sure you state it clearly so people know what your site is going to be about. Be ready to present your site to people at any random moment.
You are going to advertise this idea to make your site a well-known place to be.


With the clear idea in mind, it is easy to promote it in social networks, in niche forums. Create a Facebook fan page, post news and funny stuff on Twitter, create albums of Instagram photos, share images that you like on Pinterest…


Let your site members speak for themselves – by sharing interesting content from your website, by liking your site pages. What better way to bring more people than the word of mouth. With Dating Pro software you can enable social bookmarking and features like ‘Tell a friend’, ‘Refer a friend’.


Think over the customer path: the steps that your site visitors will have to follow. Present them with an easy registration, welcome message, show them what they can do and see on your website, so you do not have your newly registered members at a loss and turning their backs on your site.
Offer them matching members right on the spot, based on their sign up info. Introduce paid options at appropriate time. You may wish to make your site completely free when you have only just begun, and add paid options after you grow the database.
Profile builder, sign up form steps management, matching, paid services and much more are available in Dating Pro script.


Despite your site being an online initiative, do not be afraid to bring it over into real life.
People come to your website to meet other people, and you can boost activity and help them really get together by organizing offline events, theme parties, where everyone could, say, bring their printed profile and spread it around.
Food and drinks, dancing, easy atmosphere will help people relax and take in the awesomeness of your website where they all got acquainted.


Help build a community around your website by selling branded goods. Merchandise with your site logo or motto does wonders to make your site recognizable. Spread fun stuff at offline events.
Some people even get their website URLs tattooed on their bodies or, which is better, other peoples’ bodies. Whatever you go for, with the ideal domain name that you have already selected, it is going to be just fine.


It is important that site members feel the feedback from site administrator / owner. You can let know every time there is a new registration on your website that might be of interest to your site users, or remind them to upload profile photos to attract more attention.
Subscribing to site news, to person’s updates is also a good thing to be involved.
Always be there for your site members to answer their questions, collect improvement ideas, maybe offer good advice now and then.
With Dating Pro solution, you can use the in-built mass-mailing module, contact us form, automatic notifications, poll module, news management tool to achieve all that.
Install Google Analytics code to track visitors activity. Never stop improving your site pages.


After you grow more secure about your new role as a dating website owner, why not try to blog about your experiences? Describe the very first steps, starting with idea development, creating design, then on to actually building a website, either from scratch or by purchasing a ready solution. Attracting attention (including the methods described above), communicating with site users, collecting their stories, and on to possibly developing new features, expanding business, or just staying where you are, making the world happier.

Of course, there are paid options such as contextual advertising, Google AdSense and its alternatives, doing permanent job with SEO and promotion. Be prepared to invest some money into your website, there is no escaping that if you want to reach the highest ranks. And yet there are ways to make your site a nicer and a more well-known place to be, even if you go without spending any amounts of money.

Give it a try with the free trial of Dating Pro solution.

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