How much do dating sites earn N20

Oct 2, 2023
16 minutes to read

Are you prepared to uncover the secrets of transforming romantic connections into a profitable venture? In the world of online dating, where hearts converge in the digital realm, lies an enticing opportunity for entrepreneurs and website owners. It’s not merely about matchmaking; it’s about generating income while uniting people.

Whether you own a dating platform or have contemplated the art of profiting from matters of the heart, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of turning your dating website into a thriving business. We will explore various strategies to keep your venture not only afloat but flourishing in the ever-evolving landscape of online dating.

Whether you’re passionate about matchmaking, eager to assist people in finding their ideal partners, or simply curious about the financial prospects within the dating industry, our journey begins here. From subscription models to advertising tactics, virtual gifts to affiliate partnerships, we will reveal proven techniques and innovative ideas that can lead to success in the world of online dating.

So, fasten your seatbelts because we’re about to embark on a profitable adventure through the heartwarming world of dating website monetization.


How much top sites make

Tech buy-back site Decluttr has crunched the numbers, looking at just how much money apps like Tinder, Bumble and Match are making every minute.

Unsurprisingly, Tinder tops the charts, making $1,469 per minute, or $88,143 per hour. Through the Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold paid services.

Bumble takes the number two spot, earning $172 per minute. Paid services: Beeline, Rematch and Busybee.

Online dating veterans Match and Plenty of Fish come in at third and fourth place, earning $134 and $78 per minute, respectively. 

Infamous infidelity site Ashley Madison has struggled to recover from its 2015 data breach controversy, now making just $28 per minute. 

Bringing up the rear is Huggle, a new service which matches users based on mutual interests and common locations. A relative newcomer to the online dating scene, Huggle is currently making just $0.10 per minute.


How much they really make

While usually no sites and apps publish their real profit results, there is a trick to get an approximate numbers.

Most optimal scheme: 50% of visitors become members and 25% of those paying members.

While for new or weak sites: 10% visitor to member conversion and 5% member to paying member conversion

5000 visitors => 2500 members => 625 paying members (X $15/month) => $9375/month income initially

And now let’s look at an real example —, an international dating website that has been around since 2011. Its main focus is to let men from the West meet girls from the East.

In order to check the statistics, we’ll use service.

After logging in, we can see that in March, the site had 223,605 visits