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Dec 29, 2023
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1. Mass Following and Mass Liking

One of the most accessible methods of affiliate marketing on Instagram involves mass following and mass liking. This includes creating or purchasing an Instagram account, designing its profile, publishing high-quality posts, and placing a link to a landing page. The main goal is to attract interested users.

Implementing mass following and mass liking can be done manually or through specialized services. It’s important to remember that achieving significant results requires interacting with a large number of users, which can be impractical manually. Using services like, AddMeFast, Fastfreelikes, and PromoFlow can significantly simplify this process.

2. Using Posts

Another method of Instagram affiliate marketing is purchasing posts. For this, you need to set up your account and buy advertising from other popular accounts that have your target audience. However, it’s important to be cautious as some large accounts may have scrambled followers. It’s crucial to analyze page activity and check for bots among followers. Working with celebrities can also be a profitable strategy.

3. Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising is an effective way of affiliate marketing. Ad management is done through Facebook Ads Manager, to which you can link your Instagram account. Remember that Instagram can block accounts showing ads for prohibited goods. With Ads Manager, you can create ads that appear in users’ feeds and stories and tailor them to specific interests, geolocations, genders, and ages of your target audience, making Ads Manager a powerful tool for advertising and promotion.

Attracting Traffic from Instagram

1. Promoting Your Profile: From Zero to Hero

Promoting your Instagram profile is the initial stage of your affiliate marketing journey. It’s important to understand that without an attractive and popular account, successful traffic attraction is a fantastical task. The challenge is to turn your account into a magnet for your target audience.

2. Identifying Your Target Audience: Who Are They?

The first step is to identify your target audience. This is the foundation of your entire strategy. Consider who these people are, what they do for a living, what concerns them, and what their interests are. The more detailed the portrait you create, the more effective your content will be.

3. Quality Content: The Key to Attention

The next step is creating quality, thematically relevant content. Your posts and stories should not only inform but also entertain or inspire your audience. Don’t forget about visual style: this is very important on Instagram. Use different formats – videos, carousels, stories – to maintain interest.

4. Daily Stories: Your Everyday Narrative

Publishing 3-5 stories a day is your daily connection with the audience. This creates a sense of consistency and accessibility. Stories are a great way to show what happens behind the scenes of your activities, or to share snapshots of your experience.

5. Hashtags: Your Compass in the World of Instagram

Using 3-5 hashtags under your publications helps increase the reach and visibility of your content. Choose hashtags relevant to your theme and popular with your target audience.

6. Buying Ads from Bloggers: Attention Through Authority

Buying ads from bloggers is a strategy that allows you to use other people’s audiences to promote your content. But here, the right choice is important.

7. Choosing the Right Blogger: Not All Followers Are Equal

Choose bloggers whose audience is active and interested in your product. Look not at the number of followers, but at the level of engagement: comments, likes, the degree of involvement. The cost of advertising depends on the size and activity of the blogger’s audience.

8. Audience Relevance: Your Key to Success

Ensure that the blogger’s audience matches your target audience. This will increase the chances that your message will be heard and accepted.

9. Targeted Advertising: A Direct Path to the Target Audience

Targeted advertising on Instagram is a surgically precise tool in the world of affiliate marketing. It can be used to reach the narrowest segments of the audience.

10. Ad Settings: Who Is Your Ideal Subscriber?

Before setting up ads, it’s important to have a clear idea of who your ideal subscriber is. Age, gender, interests, location – every parameter matters. Analyze your competitors and your previous campaigns.

11. Using Ads Manager: Your Digital Marketing Arsenal

Use Ads Manager to create and manage advertising campaigns. Link your Instagram account to Facebook for advanced targeting options.

12. Creating Ads: Creativity and Precision

Your ad should be not only precisely targeted but also creative. It should attract attention and generate interest. Use high-quality images, attractive text, and clear calls to action.

Methods of Instagram Affiliate Marketing: From Theory to Practice

1. Attracting Subscribers: The First Step to Success

Attracting Instagram subscribers is not just about increasing the number of followers. It’s a strategy to draw attention to your account. The main idea is to follow people who might be interested in your content and expect reciprocity. Often this works because most Instagram users tend to view the profiles of their new followers. However, it’s important to remember the platform’s limitations: avoid suspiciously high activity, especially in new accounts. The strategy is to gradually increase activity, starting from a hundred subscriptions a day and ending with a thousand when your account becomes more ‘aged’.

2. Direct Mail Campaigns: The Art of Unobtrusive Communication

Direct mail campaigns are one of the most controversial, yet effective, methods of affiliate marketing. It’s important to approach this process wisely and selectively. It’s best to send messages to people who have already shown interest in your account, for example, by viewing your stories or subscribing to you. Messages should be personalized, creating the impression that they are written specifically for this person, and not be part of a mass mailing.

3. Mass Liking: A Delicate Balance Between Attention and Intrusiveness

Mass liking works on the same logic as subscriptions. By liking, you can attract attention to your profile. However, it’s important to maintain a balance and not overdo it, as Instagram can limit your activity in case of too many likes per day. The optimal number is 500-800 likes per day.

4. Viewing Stories: A Non-Intrusive Way to Attract Attention

Viewing stories is another way to draw attention to your account. By viewing the stories of potential customers, you can interest them and prompt them to visit your profile. This method is especially effective if the user’s number of views is not very large, as your activity will be more noticeable.

5. Purchasing Posts: Interacting with Influencers

Purchasing posts from other bloggers is a strategy that allows you to expand the reach of your account. When choosing accounts for collaboration, pay attention not only to the theme but also to the audience’s activity. It’s important that the advertised content matches the interests of the influencer’s subscribers. Focus on comments, saving to favorites, and likes to assess the audience’s activity.

6. Placing Targeted Ads with Ads Manager

Placing targeted ads with Ads Manager is a method that allows you to precisely adjust your advertising campaign, targeting your audience. This requires a thorough study of Instagram’s rules and compliance with them, especially regarding the permitted content of ads. Targeted advertising allows you to show your posts and stories to users who are most likely to be interested in your product or service.

7. Creating an Advertising Campaign Strategy

Before launching ads in Ads Manager, you need to carefully plan your strategy. Determine the key parameters of your target audience, including age, gender, interests, and geographical location. This will allow you to precisely adjust the targeting settings.

8. Designing an Advertising Post

The design of the advertising post plays a key role in attracting attention. Use bright images, attractive headlines, and clear calls to action. Ensure that your message is clear and concise and conveys the essence of the offer.

9. Analyzing Results

After launching the campaign, it’s important to analyze the results. Ads Manager provides detailed statistics, which will help you understand how effective your advertising is, and make necessary adjustments to future campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Affiliate Marketing

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What is Instagram Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of buying traffic on one platform (in this case, Instagram) at a low price and reselling (or redirecting) it to other platforms or advertising campaigns for profit.

What are the main methods of affiliate marketing used on Instagram?

The main methods include:

  • Mass following and mass liking – subscribing and liking a large number of users to attract attention to your account.
  • Direct messages – sending personalized messages to potential clients.
  • Viewing stories – viewing users’ stories to increase the visibility of your account.
  • Buying ads from bloggers – placing advertising posts in popular accounts.
  • Targeted advertising – use Ads Manager to set up advertising campaigns for a specific audience.

How much can Instagram affiliate marketers earn?

Income from Instagram affiliate marketing varies and depends on many factors, including the size and engagement of the audience, the methods of affiliate marketing chosen, and the quality and relevance of your advertising content. Some affiliate marketers earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month.

What are the risks associated with Instagram affiliate marketing?

The main risks include:

  • Account blocking for violating Instagram’s rules (especially relevant in the case of aggressive mass following and mass liking).
  • Low traffic conversion due to advertising content that does not match the interests of the audience.
  • Financial losses due to incorrect planning and management of advertising campaigns.
  • Do you need to have a large number of followers to succeed in affiliate marketing?
  • While having a large number of followers can be helpful, it is not a mandatory condition for success in affiliate marketing. More important are the quality and engagement of the audience, as well as the effectiveness of the traffic attraction methods chosen.

How to Avoid Account Blocking in Affiliate Marketing?

To prevent account blocking:

  • Follow Instagram’s Rules: Adhere to the platform’s guidelines and avoid aggressive methods of attracting attention.
  • Smart Use of Automation: Use automation tools wisely, avoiding excessive actions.
  • Diversify Your Content and Audience Engagement Strategies: Vary your content and the strategies you use to engage your audience.

How to Properly Choose an Affiliate Program for Affiliate Marketing?

When selecting an affiliate program, consider:

  • Relevance of Products to Your Audience: Ensure the products are appropriate for your audience.
  • Terms and Commissions of the Affiliate Program: Look at the terms and commissions offered by the program.
  • Support and Tools Provided by the Program: Evaluate the support and tools that the program offers.


In conclusion, it’s important to emphasize that Instagram affiliate marketing offers vast opportunities for earning and promotion. This process requires not only an understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of the social network but also creativity, flexibility in approaches, and the ability to adapt to the constantly changing digital landscape.

Remember that success in affiliate marketing depends not only on the number of followers but also on the quality and engagement of your audience, as well as your ability to create attractive and relevant content.

The key to successful affiliate marketing is finding a balance between strategic planning, effective use of available tools, and continual study of your target audience’s behavior. You must also always adhere to Instagram’s rules to avoid the risk of account blocking.

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