How to Promote a Dating Website: Keyword Research

Feb 15, 2016
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The goal of SEO as in Search Engine Optimization is to bring your website to the top of the search results. Only select few people get to scroll through the second and the third page of Google or Yahoo search result pages. It’s in your best interest to occupy the highest possible position so that more people notice your website and click to explore it.

One of the options is to pay for your website to appear in the ads section at the very top. However it will be clear that it is ‘sponsored’ content, and you will have to spend money.

There is a way to improve your dating site rankings for free though. You can optimize the site pages yourself, and we will help you do it.

How Do I Improve My Site Rankings for Free?

First of all, make sure that your website is the place where people find helpful information and advice about dating in general, online dating, dating in your area. Major search engines take behavioral parameters into account. If people find what they were actually looking for in your website, they stay longer and visit more pages. If not, they leave and search engines can lower your site’s rank because of it.

Next, pay attention to the keywords that you use in the site copy, both in the articles and the landing pages. Today we would like to talk about keywords in details because they are important and require regular adjustment.

Imagine a person who is searching for a “Houston dating site”. If your target audience is people from and around Houston, these are the words that you will want them to find your dating site by. These words form the key phrase that you should use in your site pages.


How Do I Find Keyword Ideas?

– Try to act like your target audience. What would they type in the search box?
– Use free tools like Keyword Planner by Google AdWords, Übersuggest, and others.
– Research the websites of your competitors with services like SimilarWeb.
– See what search engines can autosuggest (don’t forget to log out from your account first).

Consider search volume trends, or average monthly searches, and keywords competition when you select which keywords to use on the site.

Average monthly searches info shows how many times people from a certain region used your key phrase in the search box for the past month. The logical advice is to compare the search volumes and go for the key phrases with the highest usage frequency.


However, if a keyword/key phrase is searched for relatively seldom, it does not mean that it is not highly competitive. On the contrary, one such phrase can be promoted across many websites and it will be difficult to reach Top 10 by using this keyword.

Thus, “single parent dating sites” is a high-competition keyword, while “dating as a single dad” is low-competition:


What’s Next?

1. Sort through all available search queries and keep those that you will use for the site promotion, the ones that clearly describe your website.

2. Get rid of extreme values (3-12 K). High competition will make it near impossible to cut through the clutter. At the same time keywords that come up seldom (low volume), e.g. 20-50 searches per month, will bring very few people to your site.

3. Allocate your keywords to relevant website pages.

Using the right keywords on your dating site pages will help you boost your position in search results without extra costs.

Where Do I Put the Keywords in My Website?

Put keywords into the Title, Description and H (header) tags of your site pages, as well as the main copy. You’ll also want to use these words in contextual and other types of ads in order to bring more people to your site.

Promote the index page and other important pages with more competitive keywords. Spread the rest of the keywords across internal pages of your dating site.


Useful Links
Google Trends tool will help you measure the popularity of certain search queries and compare their performance over time.
Webmaster Guidelines by Google.
– Selection of competitor analysis tools: SpyFU, SimilarWeb, Compete.

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