How To Promote Your Dating Website With The Help Of Backlinks

Jul 20, 2021
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Backlinks are the holy grail of website promotion and authority establishment. Having credible websites link to yours, you get more target traffic and Google approval. In the first case, people will see a link and become intrigued by this new dating site. In the second one, the search engine spiders will regard the linked page as a credible one, improving the rating of the whole domain.

But it’s important to use this approach very carefully. Let us help you adjust the process with easy recommendations!

Use Guest Posting to Get Links and Raise Brand Awareness

Guest posting is one of the best ways to acquire high-quality backlinks. You’re giving valuable information and promoting your project with one action!

Choose websites that:

  • Have similar focus topics with your project;

  • Have an active audience (read comments and analyze the site to make sure it’s suitable);

  • Are open for such cooperation;

  • Have a medium to high Domain Authority;

  • Don’t have too many links on them.

Then, train your negotiation skills and contact the webmaster or blogger about the offer. Some sites have special ‘Contribute to blog’ sections where you can apply as well.

Check here for the best opportunities to take up guest posting for dating blogs. Many sources will be happy to see an article or two about online relationships. If writing articles isn’t your cup of tea, there are professional copywriters that will gladly create content for you.

Use PBN Carefully to Get More Quality Backlinks

Yes, yes, many SEO specialists frown upon this technique similarly to purchasing backlinks. But what they fail to see is that these two strategies have evolved greatly. Of course, earlier, you could create a bunch of websites with awful content, place a link to the main site on each one of them, and get benefits from skyrocketing Google rankings.

This was a thing before Penguin came in and private blog networks (this is what PBN stands for) had to evolve. Nowadays, it’s a partnership model where you have sites with great credibility, often higher than your money website, linking to you.

Use Multiple Ways to Get Backlinks

For SEO backlinks growth you should use more techniques than guest posting. Catching every chance to get high-quality backlinks, search engines will consider your tactic natural and set you high when ranking dating sites. Linked mentions are still a top priority for Google when it comes to choosing leaders for SERPs.

So, how to get more backlinks:

  • Monitor unlinked mentions.
    Use Google Alerts to detect mentions of your brand, name, email, website, industry-specific terminology, etc. See if there are any unlinked mentions and negotiate to insert a link to one of your pages there. Make sure it’s relevant, though.

  • Monitor broken links.
    Always look for articles with anchors close to your focus keywords and broken links connected to them. Contact the owner of the website or blog and negotiate to replace that link with yours. Nobody needs a non-working reference on their website.

  • Add your site to TOP lists.
    If you see a TOP-X list of dating sites, consider making a business offer and adding yours there. Create a pitch that will persuade anyone that the dating site search is over because the most reliable one already exists.

What is the best way? The one where your links look natural! And don’t forget to actually provide value with your content so that editorial links come themselves, elevating your site higher in the ranking!

Analyze Your Backlink Profile Often

Backlink profile analysis ensures your reputation stability. Some sites tend to become spammy or change topics. You don’t need links on such sources. And even one bad mention may stain your credibility.

Even if you get penalized, the problem is solvable. But it’s better not to let that happen. Here are some things you should do:

  • Check for broken links on your website;

  • Use digital tools to analyze profile;

  • Delete every link that doesn’t suit the profile anymore;

  • Use Google Disavow for links that can’t be taken down through communication with the webmasters.

An analysis is as important as the whole link-building process. If you’re not sure backlinks will help your dating website rank higher, visit this page and read about all the advantages this approach will provide you with.

The Final Words

These recommendations will make sure when people google dating sites, they come across yours. Backlinks are an essential part of off-site SEO, and you should use them wisely. Throw the old approaches in the garbage. Flooding spammy websites with links won’t help. On the other hand, it will lead to Google penalizing your site.

Many dating platforms are considered a scam. Don’t let yours become a part of the stereotype as well. Get high-quality backlinks, write gorgeous guest posts with engaging visuals, use PBN properly, and you will notice the improvement in mere months!


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Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education.He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.


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