New audience – new opportunities! How to earn fast!

Sep 17, 2021
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Traffic manager Angel shares how he tested several niches, flirting, local MILF, easy sex and hookup, and earned $17 000


GEO: Indi, Brazil, USA, UK,  Venezuela, Colombia


Traffic Partners: MundoMedia, Traffic Junky and Exoclick


What we did:

Using spy services, we’ve learned that only a few managers run traffic on sites and apps for flirting.

We decided to reach the top 3 to get the maximum number of impressions and banner and landing page clicks.


Ad Creatives:

1)We started testing various elements, such as the title, color contrast, images (nude/semi-nude/not nude), CTA buttons, flags, etc.

2) Scaled our campaigns to Exoclick, testing both RON and premium networks.

3) We have created our own creatives (banners and landing pages).

4) We have created a campaign with several types of questionnaires and storytelling with creatives and 3 pages of proposals.


It is important! 

For dating campaigns, we always evaluate the quality of your offers after 50-100 potential customers.



Spent: 10 000$

Earned: 17 000$

ROI:  170%


A list of tools that we use for any campaigns:

  • Adobe Photoshop for creating creatives;
  • Adobe Dreamweaver for creating and editing my landing pages;
  • Uptime Robot: to control the downtime of my site;
  • Pingdom & Google PageSpeed Insights to check the speed of my landing page;
  • Compression tool for compressing images of a landing page without compromising its quality;
  • HMA VPN for surveillance and verification of my competitors.that you have the highest quality leads.
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