Resilience Amidst Caution: Insights from Lightspeed’s New York Venture Ecosystem Report

Dec 13, 2023
2 minutes to read

Lightspeed has recently published an insightful report on the venture ecosystem in New York, covering a wide array of niches and trends. The report, written in an accessible and engaging tone, offers a comprehensive overview that’s easy to digest, with all data being highly relevant and to the point. While New York’s market specifics may not be our primary focus, the trends identified in this report align closely with the global market, making them particularly relevant at least for the entire U.S. market.

A notable aspect of the report is the significant decrease in the launch of new funds—a drop of more than threefold. This suggests a cautious approach, likely due to the market anticipating potential shifts or challenges.

Interestingly, the report highlights that despite the absence of a full-blown crisis or extreme market disruption, there has been a noticeable impact on certain aspects, such as a 30% decrease in open job vacancies. This downturn is significant, but it falls short of being catastrophic.

In light of this analysis, the potential for seed investments in new dating products, which are a part of your portfolio, remains unchanged. The market dynamics, as detailed in the Lightspeed report, suggest that while there is caution, there is also an underlying resilience and opportunity for growth in sectors like dating software and services.

For a detailed view, you can access the full Lightspeed report on the state of New York tech here

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