Survey Reveals 92% of American Adults Favor Dating Individuals Who Have Undergone Therapy

Nov 10, 2023
2 minutes to read

A recent survey by the dating app Pure has uncovered a unique dating preference among Americans: the inclination towards partners who have attended therapy. This study, conducted in September with 1,000 American participants of diverse sexualities, ethnicities, and social backgrounds, revealed that 92% favor dating individuals who have either previously or are currently consulting a mental health professional.

The survey also found that 70% of singles are comfortable discussing mental health issues from the outset, and half of the respondents find it appealing when therapy is mentioned during a first date. This preference, according to Pure, may stem from a belief that those who have been to therapy are less prone to engage in negative behaviors like ghosting, with 23% of participants holding this view.

Psychotherapist Esther Perel acknowledges both the positives and negatives of this trend. In a Vanity Fair interview, she highlighted how increased openness about emotional health and the advantages of therapy have fostered greater self-awareness and prioritization of self-reflection. However, Perel also cautioned that some may misuse “therapy speak” to dismiss others or avoid genuine engagement.

Despite the widespread preference for therapy-experienced partners, Pure advises remaining open to potential partners who haven’t undergone therapy, emphasizing that not having therapy does not automatically make someone a less suitable partner. The app suggests that if someone has never felt the need for therapy, is not ready for it, or simply doesn’t prefer it, their romantic prospects are not necessarily diminished.

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