SWSH has successfully raised $1.7 million in funding for its app, which is designed to foster deeper friendships among its users.

Nov 8, 2023
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SWSH is an app that is currently being piloted at New York University and Princeton University. Its name, derived from the mantra “See you somewhere, somewhere, sometime,” reflects its core mission to maintain and deepen friendships even when physical interaction is limited. The app achieves this through casual “most likely” games and polls.

The concept generated significant interest, leading to a successful pre-seed funding round raising US$1.7 million . Ali Debrow, one of the co-founders, emphasizes that while social media can expand social connections, it often leads to the accumulation of followers rather than the formation of true friendships. SWSH, on the other hand, seeks to strengthen existing friendships.

When using the app, users receive five “most likely” AI-generated questions about their friends each day. Users and their friends vote on these questions and can participate in discussions about the results in the comments section. The ultimate goal is to create social products that deepen meaningful connections with friends and family around the world.

SWSH contributes to an emerging trend of apps looking to reintroduce the social aspect to social media. This often involves narrowing your social circle to promote authenticity, relaxation, and more authentic interactions. Sharing personal thoughts or photos becomes easier if you confine yourself to a close-knit group of friends rather than sharing them with the entire Internet.

SWSH, currently available in the Apple App Store, is being piloted at universities on the East Coast. The funding round attracted investments from Stellation Capital and MaC Venture Capital, as well as from such famous angels as Glenn Solomon, Corey Levy (Z Fellows), Cyril Berdugo, Patrick de Picciotto, Ansh Nanda, Richard Lee and others.

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