Three business courses for Dating Pro clients, from idea to investment, suitable for beginners and intermediate levels

Dec 15, 2023
3 minutes to read

We have added three courses for buyers of the Pro version and above.

First course: Startup Guide for Product Discovery with the Dating Pro Platform: How to Launch a Profitable Dating Business

The information will help you with the Dating Pro platform:

  1. Navigate the path from idea to investments.
  2. Save you a lot of time by avoiding common mistakes.
  3. Launch dating site and apps. MVP.
  4. Achieving Market fit. For a startup, it’s important:
    1. that its sales channels scale and grow along with the project.
    2. that the ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) always remains higher than the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), and customers, on average, generate more profit than loss. Only in this case will the project have a positive unit economics.

Stage 1. Product Fit #Validation #Customer Discovery #Customer Development

Competitor Analysis

  • Result: Identify who you are “disrupting” (maximum 2) in a large market

Customer Segment

  • Result: Describe the customer segment

Situation / User Story /

  • Result: Describe the situation in which a representative of the segment finds themselves.

Value Proposition.

  • Result: The team formulates hypotheses about the problems consumers face and what product can solve them.


  • Result: Describe the hypothesis of the problem you are solving


  • Result: Describe the hypothesis of the solution to this problem

The Benefit to Customers

  • Result: Describe the hypothesis of the benefit to customers in numbers

How Much Money is in the SegmentComplexityBelieve in SuccessProblem ConfirmedMinimum Viable Product is ReadySolution Confirmed #Validate / #Iterate (or Pivot)

First Sale

Stage 2. It’s possible to attract investors.

Stage 3. Earning income #Market fit #Channel

Stage 3.1. It’s possible to attract investors.

Stage 4. Standardization of the Streams, Run, and Change Teams #Formation #Mission #Vision #Strategy

Stage 5. ExitResult: you sold your stake in the project. The average duration is 4-10 years.

Second course: How to copy online dating businesses of competitors and stay original. How to become a successful Unicorn startup.


  • Study industry reports and Crunchbase.
  • Utilize lookalike services and discover communities.
  • Subscribe to relevant media sources.

Day 1

  • What and why to copy.
  • How to find a successful analog worthy of emulation.
  • 7 main approaches to searching through Google, Dealroom, Crunchbase, Unicorn List.
  • Identifying the expenditure category for individuals/companies.
  • Emerging communities.
  • Projects similar to X.

Day 2

  • Sales channels and technological stack.
  • The primary rule of copying and launching: 1 what + 1 whom + 1 average check.
  • Examples of product-channel fit.
  • How to determine CAC, advertising offers, technological stack.

Day 3

  • Why here and now?
  • How “unicorns” outperformed their competitors based on 1-2 parameters (direct and indirect).
  • Counter-positioning and “exclusive resources” as the best method at the start.

Day 4

  • How to outperform competitors by copying from other markets.

Day 5

  • Launch scenarios: How to acquire the first 1000 customers.
  • How to finance the launch.

Day 6

  • Team.
  • How to organize team work.
  • Rituals. Shares. MVT+MVP+MVA.
  • 1 hour with a good coach at the start.

Day 7

  • Summary.
  • How to remain original.

Third course: How to find a business idea with ChatGPT. From idea to first investment


All three courses are available in the Pro version and above

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