How to quickly obtain a free customization evaluation for the dating pro platform tailored to your niche

Nov 23, 2023
2 minutes to read
The article from the DatingPro Help Center provides guidance on what information is needed for a faster and free evaluation of a dating website platform. Key points include:
  1. Wireframes and Project Descriptions: Essential for a quick evaluation, they provide a clear visual representation of the project’s layout and functionalities. Detailed descriptions help understand the project’s scope and requirements​​.
  2. Questionnaire: A completed questionnaire can be discussed over the phone for efficiency. The Dating Pro Customization Service assists in adding custom features not available out-of-the-box​​.
  3. Project Details: Information such as the website and app links, the idea behind the dating platform, main purpose, target audience, launch timeline, budget, desired metrics or key results, and any specific technical requirements or desired features are crucial​​.
  4. Platform Requirements: This includes design (following client-provided color schemes, logos, fonts), display (compatibility with various browsers and mobile devices), content (client-provided graphic elements), and responsive page layout​​.
  5. Site Structure: The general structure includes main, profile, and user account pages, along with a terms of use page. The site caters to two types of users: clients and administrators​​.
  6. User Interaction Phases: These include registration, user verification (partial or full), buying dates, auction features, a ‘hide from friends’ option, a shopping feature for gifts, and trip planning with other users​​​​​​.
  7. Free Project Description Examples: The article also provides links to real project plans with minor modifications to protect intellectual property​​.

This comprehensive guide is designed to help prospective dating site owners articulate their project requirements effectively for a smooth evaluation process.

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