3.5% of mobile apps with subscriptions achieve revenue exceeding $10,000

Mar 20, 2024
< 1 minute read

They analyzed the performance of nearly 30,000 of their clients (with a total of 290 million subscribers and $6.7 billion in revenue). Only 17.2% of apps reach revenue of $1,000 per month, which isn’t very high. However, once an app reaches the $1,000 mark, the statistics become more favorable. Among those who reach this milestone, 59% will reach $2,500 per month, and of those, 60% will reach $5,000 per month. Beyond that, it becomes challenging. Only 3.5% of those who reach $5,000 will reach $10,000. The study is 120 pages long and includes breakdowns by app categories, statistics on trial periods, links to useful articles, and much more. So if you’re developing a subscription-based app, be sure to give it a read.

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