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Mar 27, 2024
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You can do this by joining a crowdfunding campaign to release this app, which will be more cost-effective than publishing your apps individually in the app stores. You won’t need to spend money and time on placing your app. A universal iOS and Android app will be created, accessible via an invite code for your clients. Inform your clients about the code through a link on your dating site, SMS, email, or QR code.

Want to know the cost? Simply reply to this email. We’ll gather the responses, calculate the cost, and send you an offer.

Calmara – a new sexual health app that analyzes an image of a part of you to detect signs of diseases and infections. The app allows users to conduct sexual health screenings and receive results almost immediately. Calmara aims to become a useful tool for daters, especially Generation Z. The platform emphasizes the importance of greater transparency and responsibility in the dating sphere. Calmara uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze images of a part of you and provide results.

Overview of Dating Pro plan features

When starting a business, it’s necessary to populate your dating app and website with initial profiles.

Dating profiles for your dating site are available in all packages – 20,000 profiles. Additionally, 40,000 real profiles and more than 1 million fake profiles are separately available.

Also available is the Dating Pro Network – Participate in the exchange of service members with other dating platforms while respecting security and confidential information. Turned off by default, as it has accumulated technical debt.

Only within the Network can another feature operate – Imagine you want to find a friend who resembles your favorite movie star by uploading their photo. It operates only through the Network. Per legislation, it is not allowed in all countries. Want to know the cost? Simply reply to this email. We’ll gather the responses, calculate the cost, and send you an offer.

Promotions and offers

  1. Two success support plans have been updated. SLA 3 with chat operators is now available for $799, and SLA 2 for one month is available for $99.
  2. Update. 30% discount on the license if it has been 18 months since the purchase of the first license/last annual renewal. Please refer to the recommendations.
  3. Dating Pro as a co-founder in your projects as a CTO or Product Manager with the project team. Create with Dating Pro with a discount and revenue share of 10-30%.

Several questions and answers from the week

We love you, our dear clients, and often ask in the chat, “What task do you want to hire Dating Pro for? What do you want to achieve?”

Do you make app layouts?

Yes. We do app/layout – see point 3 in Help
Step 1.Specify which themes you like on https://dribbble.com/search/dating and https://www.behance.net/search/projects/dating
Step 2. We will send you an approximate cost of connection.
Step 3. After agreeing on the cost, send (or you can already do it now) the completed questionnaire about your ID

I purchased the product 3 years ago and want to update it. Can I do this with a 30% discount?

Yes, you can. Perhaps this article will be helpful to you. In it, section C2 states: The downside is that all new platform updates may break your custom code, requiring constant reconnection and fixes due to each platform update. Of course, you can choose not to update to new versions.

My goal is to create a Docker infrastructure. We’ve built the core infrastructure that supports containers. Can you help with this?

Yes. We will send the files now.

25% met their most recent first date online, compared to 20% who met through a friend.

  • Over 100 active dating platforms worldwide have chosen our support. Others do it on their own.
  • 6+ channels available for launch and finding new customers: all web browsers on all devices, iOS and Android mobile stores. Upon request, we will add chat bot messengers and VR.
  • 8% of members on the Dating Pro platform proceed to the Match stage in the dating funnel.
  • From $99 / year Reduce your dating app and website development costs from $300,000 to less than 1% with the Dating Pro dating platform.

The reviews from some of our clients

“Dating Pro saved our company.
After years and years doing business with another software supplier where we hired the software, they suddenly stopt there company with a 3 month notice.
After contacting DatingPro in the end of 2020 and explaining the situation they helped us in any way possible, resulting in no downtime.
In only 2,5 months time they rebuilt there system in more then a workable system for us to start.
We (again) never had any down time because of them and all our members only have seen improvements and we got lots of positive feedback.”


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