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Apr 8, 2024
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With the Dating Pro's admin panel  it's easy to add moderators

Moderation is essential to prevent abuse and ensure user safety. Keep the creeps at bay and maintain the lovey-dovey vibes! On the Dating Platform, wield your moderation powers to nix naughty words from messages and profiles. And don’t forget to keep those photo comments clean – because nobody likes a party pooper in their quest for love! A detailed list of moderation capabilities is available here.

A virtual date.

Generation Z finds digital first dates not just convenient but also cost-effective – why spend on a restaurant dinner when you can simply share a screen? According to a survey by the Wingman app, the majority of young people aged 18 to 27 say “yes” to digital romances. It turns out that 65% of them prefer virtual communication, not just to save on transport and dining out but also to quickly “sift through” unsuitable candidates.

Inflation has played its part: the spike in prices for the outside world is pushing love back into virtual space. Now, some zoo dates are happening in front of screens, where instead of dining together, there’s a shared viewing of penguins online. Generation Z is striving for efficiency even in love, so if your date starts with “Let’s scale our conversation in Zoom,” know that you’re riding the wave of modernity!.

Say hello to America’s latest career craze: the Professional Tinder Swiper!

These specialists get to know their clients inside out – their personality, their chat style, their dating do’s and don’ts – and then take on the arduous task of swiping and chatting in their stead. If you’re looking to avoid the swipe fatigue and have a spare $1,200 to $2,600, this might be your golden ticket. Clients are raving about it, saying it not only saves time but also keeps them sane during the relentless partner hunt.​

Total cost: $120,000. To finalize development and add these features to your apps and website, there are two options:
1. Crowdfund this project: 16 spots left. One-time $5,999 per participant, 95% off the total cost.
2. Remaining amount: ~$100,000. Pay the balance in installments over several months, as we complete the production and launch x10 features. This is your business investment to get your app and website with x10 features much quicker, without waiting for others. In this case, there will only be 5 crowd participants.

Functions as an enhancement to the Dating Pro or Advanced plan. Read more

Playdate, the dating app for single parents, just bagged £1.5 million to spread its love map even wider. They’ve already charmed £440,000 out of investors earlier in 2023, and now they’re ready to take the single parent dating scene by storm. With a user base that’s quintupled over the last year and a fresh product update under their belt—not to mention snagging a Bumble alum for their team—Playdate is on a roll.

In the Dating Pro plan and all versions above, we offer courses on how to secure investments for your project’s growth and find love in the world. Because who says you can’t have a successful business and a fulfilling love life?

Launching a startup? Offer 10–30% of your earnings for Dating Pro to join as your co-founder, bringing along CTO or Product Manager skills. Score a sweet discount on your software development using the Dating Pro platform.

Special promotion to help your business ...

Wrapping up a year’s worth of tech debt for our clients, we’re bringing back SLA 2 success support for just $99/month. Big thanks to our clients for their patience and passion for entrepreneurship in the online dating world. You guys are our heroes!😘 And guess what? We’ve also reintroduced the Start lifetime license for $99.

CEO of Bindr, Mary Richardson, created the dating app for bisexuals out of frustration and a desire to foster dynamic connections. Bindr offers a free app with a social media-oriented design, featuring a timeline and the ability for open communication with users. The app aims to create a positive and inclusive space for everyone, not just the big three (gay, straight, and lesbian). Within the first two weeks of its existence, Bindr attracted 300 users, and its usage surged.

Пин содержит это изображение: Same-sex couple traffic lights take over Vienna

In the market of love, know your costs! Invest $1999 to decode the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) for your matchmaking service. Once you’ve cracked the code, kickstart a client influx starting at $499 monthly based on your CAC findings. It’s like playing Cupid with a calculator – who said romance can’t be strategic?

Why do men search for gym buddies on Grindr? An investigation | British GQ

Grindr, not content with just playing Cupid, is now getting into the fitness game by hiring the founders of the Athena fitness app. They’re expanding their horizons to travel and health, following in the footsteps of Bumble, which ventured beyond dating with BFF. Grindr is on the prowl for small deals to bulk up their app – because why just date when you can also elevate your heart rate?

Get ready for a film where Lily James dives into the world of Whitney Wolfe Herd, the tech titan who turned dating on its head with Bumble. While it’s not a cut-and-dry biopic, expect a story fueled by Herd’s highs and lows, all set to hit screens in 2025. Picture this: an actress turned producer, a dating app mogul who fought for women’s safety, and a screenplay inspired by real-life battles against unsolicited saucy snaps. It’s the ultimate tale of innovation, inspiration, and, of course, a little bit of love.

Several questions and answers from the week

We love you, our dear clients, and often ask in the chat, “What task do you want to hire Dating Pro for? What do you want to achieve?”

What influences the publications in the App Store of my app?

Your chances of publication significantly increase if:

1. Your offering is distinctly different from the competition. There are many opportunities for differentiation in comparison.

*For example, order us to add to your app: addons from the comparison list of Dating Pro apps with the website, any features of your competitors. We always provide a free cost estimate.

2. Your app comes with its own ID and layouts. Order our design services as described at the beginning of this article. View App Store Review Guidelines.

3. You have a business account.

4. You frequently call the Apple Store’s app support service for publication.

How can I make my website or app unique? Want to make your dating site or app the talk of the town?

1 Dive into the Dating Pro courses and splurge on premium packages.
Start building your love hub by picking essential features or get custom ones, like adding a fitness tracker à la Grindr.

2 Test your love potion on real users, and if you need more lovebirds, just order some traffic.

3 Ready to go big? Craft an irresistible pitch, charm investors in 100 meetings, and secure that sweet funding with your first cashout. It’s like speed dating with benefits!

Given changing demographics and the expected number of single people, the number of single people aged 35-65 will increase by 32%, with the majority of them using online dating services. Source

  • Over 100 active dating platforms worldwide have chosen our support. Others do it on their own.
  • 6+ channels available for launch and finding new customers: all web browsers on all devices, iOS and Android mobile stores. Upon request, we will add chat bot messengers and VR.
  • 8% of members on the Dating Pro platform proceed to the Match stage in the dating funnel.
  • From $99 / year Reduce your dating app and website development costs from $300,000 to less than 1% with the Dating Pro dating platform.
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