Dating Pro Digest: Trends and forecast for the global online dating market 2023-2032

Jul 7, 2024
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The global online dating market is expected to reach approximately $23.80 billion by 2032, up from $11.0 billion in 2023. Currently, 53 million Americans and 413 million people worldwide are actively using dating platforms. About 39% of all heterosexual relationships in the US now start online. Moreover, 60% of online dating users report finding it easy to meet potential partners.

Education plays a key role in the effectiveness of online dating, with college graduates showing the highest success rates in securing first dates and forming relationships through these platforms. 57% of men report not receiving enough online dating invitations, while 30% of women report an overwhelming number of contacts. Additionally, about 60% of young women have experienced harassment on these platforms after expressing disinterest.

The average user spends about $300 per year on dating site subscriptions. 40% of Tinder users are married or in a relationship. Social dating is predicted to become one of the most profitable niches in the global online market, eventually accounting for 37% of revenues.

The subscription-based segment of the online dating market is forecasted to generate the largest share of revenue (65%) over time. The Asia-Pacific region accounts for 42.3% of the global online dating market.

11% of American adults have invested financially in online dating services, indicating a willingness to spend money in search of personal connections. 42% are focused on marriage, demonstrating the role of platforms not only in casual dating but also in forming lifelong commitments.

Nearly 70% of people who met someone through a dating app reported positive outcomes, leading to romantic, exclusive relationships. Conversely, 28% stated that such encounters did not lead to lasting relationships.

  • The app segment is the most profitable in the global online dating market compared to websites.
  • The subscription segment holds the largest share of revenue in the online dating market.
  • The social dating segment consists of online dating services that help people connect for casual or romantic dates, friendships, or friendly interactions.

Tinder AI dating assistant releases Chrome extension chat feature to find match on ‘Autopilot


Wizard of Swipe has conjured up a new auto-chat feature in the Chrome Web Store! This magical tool uses AI in the form of a chat bot to automatically respond after you get a match in your favorite dating app. But wait, there’s more!

Using the power of AI, it analyzes photos of matched users to create new ones based on your preferred filters: looks, ethnicity, and height. The best part? The app works its enchantment locally in your browser, running quietly in the background. So, sit back, relax, and let the Wizard of Swipe do the matchmaking magic!

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In Australia, a user blocked on one dating app will be banned across all apps included in the new voluntary code of conduct.

Communications Minister Michelle Rowland

This code, introduced by Match Group, Bumble, Grindr, and other companies, aims to enhance safety by deplatforming offenders. Communications Minister Michelle Rowland and Social Services Minister Amanda Rishworth announced the code, which will be reviewed for effectiveness in nine months. The code stipulates that if a user is banned on one app, they will be banned on all apps owned by the same company. This measure follows findings that 75% of dating app users have experienced some form of sexual violence. The new rules, effective in October, also require regular reporting on blocked accounts and the establishment of an oversight body to ensure compliance.

In South Korea, a new matchmaking trend based on scent has emerged, where young people rely on their primal instincts rather than appearance to find a partner.


Participants input their preferences into an app, which then uses artificial intelligence to match them with potential partners. Once matched, couples are sent to “dark cafes,” where they are asked to choose a scent theme—ranging from ocean and wood to fruits. The couples are then led into a dark room, where they engage in an hour-long conversation in complete darkness, relying on their sense of smell and other heightened senses to establish a connection.

After the initial blind date, participants must decide whether they want to meet in the light, exchange contact information to meet later, or leave the experience as a memory. The overwhelming majority choose to meet immediately.

Fans of this new scent-based dating approach have noted its ability to alleviate anxiety about appearance and free participants from typical visual judgments, encouraging deeper connections instead.

6 secrets to conquering the US market: 8 Years of experience in one post


I. Content is King.

Traffic in the US has always been the most expensive. Right now, with the upcoming elections, both Biden and Trump are spending $10 million a month on Facebook alone. CPM has risen by 10% and won’t drop until after the elections, with Black Friday and Christmas Sales following immediately. Paid advertising should be your ace in the hole, not your main strategy.

2. Omnichannel approach.

This isn’t unique to the US but is most critical there. Americans are like little trusting children who need to be led by the hand. If you let go of an American and your competitor lures them away with a “free ice cream,” that’s your fault. The decision-making process in simple dating e-commerce, aimed at emotional purchases, is moving towards B2B complexity with its Gartner diagrams. Your brand needs to be mentioned everywhere—from Reddit and Quora to Google Maps.

3. The Website and App must convert.

Don’t focus on aesthetics and animations. Use the services and design solutions that your audience is familiar with.

A simple example: a test checkout on Stripe has a significantly higher conversion rate than any new payment system. Whom do you trust more and how will you pay? Through a service that looks like all the others or through a new, unfamiliar service?

4. The American Dream instead of a problem.

We are used to selling through the PAS framework: identifying a customer’s problem and providing a solution. In the US, the American Dream is still alive; the main framework here is JTBD, which sells how your product will lead the customer to their ultimate dream.

Speak the customer’s language. The perfect copy for an American is text that a fifth-grader can understand or you can comprehend if woken up at 4 AM. An American is like a child who needs to be led by the hand to the goal.

You need a local copywriter. ChatGPT and especially ClaudeAI are excellent for writing briefs for humans, but everyone can tell AI-generated text from human writing. AI writes in clichés: elevate, seamless, delve, unleash, transformative. These words are overused and don’t convert.

5. Channels.

There are many more than we think. Apps take off on Snapchat, products for women on Pinterest.

6. Creatives aren’t really creative.

Don’t try to design Vogue-level static images. You need to blend into the feed. UGC shot on an iPhone gives the best conversion rates. It could be a meme or a street podcast.

Fox Hunters Club dating app launched in New York

A new dating app, Fox Hunters Club, has launched in New York, catering to “millennial women seeking serious relationships with older men.”

Fox Hunters Club marked its first IRL event with a launch party at the Samuel Tilden Mansion in Manhattan, home to the prestigious National Arts Club, setting the tone for what users can expect from the app.

The invite-only event was attended by representatives from the fashion, music, technology, and various other industries.

“The Samuel Tilden Mansion was the perfect location for our New York launch, reflecting the elevated and thoughtful experience we promote for our members,” said Brownie Marie, founder of Fox Hunters Club and a renowned journalist. “This was the first of many IRL events, setting the tone for what participants can expect as we expand the app’s target area and offerings.”

The Fox Hunters Club dating app describes itself as “one of a kind, designed for millennial women seeking loving, non-transactional relationships with Gen X and older men.”

The app launched in the New York area on April 24 and is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. In the coming months, the app will expand to additional markets, with plans to eventually cover the entire U.S.

Report by Ethophilia Research Foundation: More than 50% of young people have an unclear understanding of choosing partners, with women reportedly feeling more confused than men.

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