Dating Pro Digest: Idea from China. Blind Dates Live Streaming.

Jun 30, 2024
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Idea from China: Blind dates live streaming


Young singles in China are using social media platforms like Xiaohongshu (also known as RED) to participate in live-streamed blind dates.

Live streaming dates are “romantic-themed video conferences” where up to nine people can join a “dating room” and talk to each other. Unlike closed and private Zoom calls, these sessions are open for viewing by any number of people.

The concept is akin to a game show, where participants share a bit about themselves and are often asked to “show off their talents.” A host acts as a conversation moderator, and once two people show interest in each other, the host becomes a matchmaker.

Participants openly show their interest in each other, and if audience members feel two people are compatible, they can also comment and encourage the match.

Lin Jizhuan, a young woman who has participated in several live dating streams, remarked: “Compared to the awkward small talk to elevate the relationship during a date, online live dating rooms are simpler and more fun.”

Compared to previous generations, young people in China spend more time on their phones rather than at parties or face-to-face interactions, exacerbated by Covid. As a result, many find online communication more convenient. And when you can livestream your date, you can attract multiple people instead of focusing on just one, as in traditional dating.

Another participant noted, “Dating apps usually let you see only photos or a few short videos, which is completely different from seeing a person talking live.”

Some experts view this as a generational shift and departure from traditional Chinese matchmaking methods.

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Previously, the app promised to launch in the fourth quarter, and despite social media posts suggesting an earlier May launch, it has yet to confirm its debut.

A new dating app has launched called “I’m Lonely, Inc.”

Founded by Jeremy Scott and his co-founder after realizing their own disappointment in forming meaningful connections, “I believe our business is inspiring because we’re addressing a real social issue and offering a solution that positively impacts people’s lives. Loneliness is a widespread problem affecting our mental health, especially in today’s rapidly changing and technology-driven world. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, loneliness is linked to increased risks of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression, anxiety, addiction, dementia, and early death.”

The dating app will collaborate with small businesses to feature their services, encouraging users to support local businesses and expand their local social circle to strengthen community bonds.

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The partner app “EVA AI” introduces LGBT+ characters.

EVA AI takes on the role of “friend or partner with artificial intelligence.” Chatbots are customizable and can be adapted to specific user preferences. Characters interact with users through voice messages, text messages, video calls, and photos, displaying varying degrees of flirtation.

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The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is launching a dating app called Tokyo Futari Story


They say that young people want to get married, they just hesitate to take the initiative. The municipal government of Tokyo announced the launch of the state dating app and website “Tokyo Futari Story”, aimed at increasing the number of couples or “futari” in a country where young people are often lonely. Japan Times reported that registered singles will need to verify their identity with official documents and prove they are unmarried. Government officials told the newspaper that income confirmation will require tax returns, and potential app users must sign a form stating they are willing to get married. (The ultimate goal of the app, after all, is to increase the number of marriages and births.)

Municipalities in Japan typically offer dating events for singles, but this is the first to offer an official dating app.

Population decline is a global trend, including in China, and some governments are looking for ways to counteract this trend. Among many reasons for the decline is that young people prefer to work while they are young rather than getting married and starting a family, and women in particular are not interested in giving up their careers for motherhood.

Nevertheless, the Tokyo government says that young people want to get married, they just hesitate to take the initiative.

“We found that 70% of people who want to get married do not actively join events or apps to find a partner,” said a Tokyo government official responsible for the new app to Japan Times. “We want to encourage them a little to actively seek partners.”

The app immerses users in simulated real-life situations that irritate real girlfriends. Users can earn points by successfully calming their virtual partners. The development of the app did not involve consultations with therapists or other experts and was based on personal experience of co-author Emily Aviles.

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According to the Deccan Chronicle, over 70 percent want their partners to be athletic as well as being into sports. Among Gen Z singles, that figure rises to 83 percent. Women are more interested in playing a sport together on a date than men are, too.

Eighty-three percent of Gen Z women and 82 percent of the 36 and older group of women confirmed they like playing a sport together on a date.

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