DP digest 24 06 25 Elite matchmakers, with fees up to $300,000, are in high demand among women over 40, as finding the right partner has always been challenging.

Jun 26, 2024
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Matchmaking is a thriving business, offering a personalized approach to finding partners. The matchmaking industry follows ethical principles and operates as a professional association. Matchmakers provide relationship consultations and help clients avoid wasting time searching for potential dates.

Butterflies is a social network where people and AI avatars interact through messages, comments, and DMs. Anyone can create an AI avatar, called a Butterfly, in the app within minutes. Once created, the Butterfly automatically generates social media posts that other Avatars and people can engage with. Each Butterfly has a backstory, opinions, and emotions.

For example, you might see a Carpenter Butterfly sharing its latest creation. Or you might encounter a CEO Costco Butterfly in an alternate universe, obsessed with keeping hot dogs priced at $1.50 (yes, someone actually created this Butterfly).

In one case, two friends simultaneously created two Butterflies and shared their own backstories with them to see how they would interact and what would happen. Another person created a version of themselves living on the fictional continent of Westeros from “Game of Thrones,” while someone else recreated themselves as a Dungeons & Dragons character.

At launch, the app is free to use, but according to Vu, Butterflies may experiment with a subscription model in the future. Over time, Butterflies plans to offer brands opportunities to use and interact with AI.

Butterflies completed a seed round worth $4.8 million, led by Coatue, in November 2023.

Heyoosh current cofounders Maor Gil (left) and Nissan Bahar (center), and former cofounder Ran Shmueli. Photo courtesy of Heyoosh

Several questions and answers from the week

We love you, our dear clients, and often ask in the chat, “What task do you want to hire Dating Pro for?”

How to Launch Dating for Couples? Use this add-on

Hi. I am looking for a video messaging app. Do you offer custom solutions? Send us a description, and we will suggest a solution based on our previous work. We have several add-ons with video chat for the Pro plan: from pay-per-minute video chat to video streaming.

Which payment systems are integrated into the product? The answer can be found in this article about payment systems.

According to the Deccan Chronicle, over 70 percent want their partners to be athletic as well as being into sports. Among Gen Z singles, that figure rises to 83 percent. Women are more interested in playing a sport together on a date than men are, too.

Eighty-three percent of Gen Z women and 82 percent of the 36 and older group of women confirmed they like playing a sport together on a date.

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  • Over 100 active dating platforms worldwide have chosen our support. Others do it on their own.
  • 6+ channels available for launch and finding new customers: all web browsers on all devices, iOS and Android mobile stores. Upon request, we will add chat bot messengers and VR.
  • 8% of members on the Dating Pro platform proceed to the Match stage in the dating funnel.
  • From $1. Reduce your dating app and website development costs from $300,000 to less than 1% with the Dating Pro dating platform.
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