Guide: Driving traffic to dating offers from YouTube in 2024

May 24, 2024
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In 2023, YouTube extended the application period for monetizing channels from 30 to 90 days, restricted active links in Shorts, and made the monetization process more complex. However, in November 2023, YouTube allowed provocative dances in videos, benefiting the dating niche. This change makes it easier for webmasters to promote dating products, leveraging YouTube’s AI to find popular content and drive traffic.

Why promoting Dating offers on YouTube is profitable

1. Ease of traffic generation: YouTube channels can lead to offers without needing to buy them or set up extensive tools. AI-driven content recommendation simplifies the process, with personal managers in partner networks assisting in material selection.

2. Easy partnership selection: There are many affiliate programs specializing in dating verticals, offering various payment models like SOI, DOI, CPL, CPA, CPS, or RevShare. CPA is often the most profitable, with payouts reaching up to $170 per lead.

3. Scalable approach: New YouTube accounts can upload up to 10 videos per day. As accounts grow and gain views, this limit increases. Pre-warmed channels with good history can be purchased to accelerate this process.

4. Optimal Competition: With 2.6 billion monthly active viewers, YouTube offers a vast audience for dating products, allowing webmasters to find relevant users.

Promoting different types of Dating offers on YouTube

1. Casual Dating: Targeting users looking for short-term encounters. Effective promotions include videos featuring attractive individuals.

2. Mainstream Dating: Aimed at long-term relationships and general social interactions. Regional collections of popular dating apps perform well.

3. Adult Dating: Targets users seeking casual, no-strings-attached relationships. This includes webcam services, adult chats, and games. High payouts are common, with some leads generating significant monthly revenue through RevShare.

How to promote Dating offers on YouTube

1. Warm up or buy aged accounts with good history.
2. Source or create high-quality videos, possibly using AI tools.
3. Upload videos with links to dating offers in pinned comments.
4. Consider directing users to messenger channels (Telegram and others) for additional monetization.


Promoting dating offers on YouTube remains relevant in 2024, though evolving platform requirements necessitate high-quality content and strategic planning.


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