Statistics from pitch deck to investments: 1033 calls to investors to raise a funding round

Dec 27, 2023
2 minutes to read

Recently, there was news about a funding round for the project Signum AI. The company’s founder, Artem Gladkikh, shared statistics on Facebook about the time and effort it took to raise this round.

Here’s what Artem wrote:

  1. Total investors contacted: 915 (VCs, angels, CVCs, syndicates).
  2. On average, 6 follow-ups per person.
  3. Total calls made: 1033.
  4. 57 investors added to the waitlist for future rounds.
  5. On average, made 2 calls per investor.
  6. Average call duration: 12 minutes.
  7. Most frequent question asked: What is your unique selling proposition?
  8. Most active (and most helpful) investors: no-name angels (often VPs and Heads at Series B+ startups in our field).
  9. Least active investors: Micro VCs younger than 3 years and Large VCs older than 7 years.
  10. Number of iterations in the pitch deck: infinite.
  11. Most active investors by location: Austin / KSA.
  12. Least active investors by location: NY/UK/CA.
  13. Most common reason for rejection: too early for us.
  14. Average time to receive a check from an angel investor: 3 weeks.

Interestingly, Artem noted in the comments to his post: “In my opinion, it would have been easier to make the same number of calls to clients and, I think, to close deals.” Something to ponder😀

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