Pornhub Year in Review

Dec 22, 2023
2 minutes to read

Since all trends come to us from games and porn, the most important trend report is from Pornhub. The team analyzed the platform’s search statistics and even invited a psychologist to explain the emerging trends. Here are several highlights:

  • Technology has powerfully penetrated people’s porn interests: there’s been an increase in requests about androids, AI robots, and NPCs.
  • Sexual healing: many see porn as a kind of therapy, reflected in the rise of searches for “therapy sex”, “foot therapy”, “anal therapy”.
  • Hentai is the most commonly searched term — this query has been at the top for 3 years now. When a new popular game is released (like Zelda this year), people flock to Pornhub en masse looking for thematic videos with characters.
  • There’s a breakdown of rapidly growing requests by generations: GenZ’s top searches include cosplay, interactive, and VR.
  • Viewing on phones dominates — now at 92% (isn’t that uncomfortable?). The share of traffic from PCs and tablets has almost halved over the year.

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