Dating in: XR, VR, AR, MR. Competitors of Apple Vision Pro

Dec 20, 2023
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Rumors have it that Samsung will release a counterpart to the Vision Pro almost simultaneously with them in the first half of 2024.

The South Korean company has recently filed trademark applications for immersive devices named Flex Magic, hinting at their foray into the XR market, potentially rivaling the likes of dating pro technologies.

In the triple alliance against Vision Pro, a division of labor is expected:

  1. Qualcomm will provide processors — the company recently announced a new generation of Arm chips as a response to Apple’s innovations, marking a significant stride in mobile and software script advancements.
  2. Google will offer a software platform based on Android, enhancing user experience with free and accessible technology.
  3. Samsung will be responsible for the design and sales of the device, possibly integrating adult-focused features for a broader market appeal.

Chinese companies are not far behind:

  1. Bytedance, seemingly disillusioned with the Quest counterpart, has also decided to create a competitor to Vision Pro, possibly incorporating elements of mobile technology.
  2. Meta dominates the mass market segment with substantial subsidies, a strategy that Samsung might consider in their marketing approach.

The Vision Pro itself is expected to be released in January.

The next year will definitely be a turning point for the XR industry, which is increasingly finding diverse applications in everyday life. XR, a collective term for technologies involving new realities such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR), is transforming industries, including those previously dominated by traditional dating solutions.

This article will detail how XR technologies, once called “the technology of the future,” are penetrating various aspects of our lives today, revolutionizing not just entertainment but also practical applications in diverse sectors.

XR Use Cases:

  • IKEA offers the ability to “try on” new furniture in your home, enhancing the shopping experience with a mobile-focused approach.
  • L’Oréal Paris allows customers to test new lipstick shades through their phone screens, leveraging software scripts for a personalized beauty experience.
  • The “Ural Pelmeni” factory has placed QR codes on AGONЬ brand dumpling packages, enabling customers to “interact” with the brand’s mascot – an attractive woman, appealing to the adult consumer segment.

  • Nike has launched its mini-universe on the Roblox platform, selling its NFT sneakers and attracting NBA stars for advertising, an innovative move in the sports and dating pro sectors.
  • Children’s clothing brand Orby has introduced its virtual clothing collection in the Minecraft metaverse, blending the worlds of gaming and fashion.

  • With VR glasses, famous museums from the Louvre to the Hermitage are now accessible, offering free virtual tours.

  • VR headsets in business allow for the simulation of personal presence, increasing employee engagement compared to standard Zoom meetings.
  • The first digital marketing conference, Marketing Meta Conf, took place in Microsoft’s AltSpace metaverse, highlighting advancements in the digital marketing and software script industries.
  • Wearing a VR headset, one can engage in archery with QuiVR, boxing in BoxVR, or dance actively in Dance Central, showcasing the diversity of VR applications.
  • In the petrochemical company Sibur, a three-stage virtual training with testing and control is conducted, exemplifying XR’s role in industrial training.
  • Severstal conducts vivid safety briefings for employees working on high-altitude objects in a virtual environment.
  • Astronauts on the ISS actively use Microsoft HoloLens MR glasses for communication with the control center during complex repair work, demonstrating XR’s utility in critical operations.
  • In vTime XR, virtual reality communication includes emotional gestures, voice chat, and gift exchange. Avatars replace photographs in profiles, fostering deeper connections, particularly attractive for those seeking serious, long-term relationships.

Integrating business into metaverses is yet another promising method for business development. Here, one can not only enhance the popularity of their real-world product but also ascend to a fundamentally new level by selling a unique digital product.

The history of the VR dating trend with queries:

AR technologies have been gradually entering the marketing domain for about a decade, even becoming an everyday part of it. Implementing them means offering customers superior service and boosting sales.

Implement your dating project in XR, starting with a prototype. ​

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